winter giving me bad dry eye?

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winter giving me bad dry eye?

Postby chrissy » Tue Dec 02, 2008 7:20 pm

Hello, I am about to have my 6 month follow up visit post all laser Lasik. Pre surgery, my vision was -6 and -1.5 approx in both eyes. My vision since the surgery has been amazing 20/20 and about 20/25. I have really had no problems at all, and my vision continued to improve over the first 5 months. Here lately, even really since Thanksgiving, my vision in my right eye has become noticeably fuzzier, mostly the distance vision, and seems to get worse in the evenings. And am noticing now too redness that I did not used to have. My eyes feel dry, but not terribly. Eye drops does seem to improve the vision, if only for a few seconds. My question is, I am afraid that my right eye vision is regressing! Could the cold, dry air of winter be causing this?? Do I maybe need stronger drops? I am just using OTC Refresh currently and eye gel at night. I do seem to notice relief when I take a hot shower (the steam, maybe?) Has anyone ever found a humidifier helpful?
I am just concerned because I have literally had no problems of this sort at all, and now, 6 months out, when the healing time is supposedly over I all of a sudden have bad vision in one eye? Frustrated! Any insight would be helpful
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Postby Cactusgod » Fri Dec 05, 2008 6:59 am

I would chalk this up to dry eye. I actually didnt have any symptoms of dry eye until almost a year post lasik. The winter definitely has something to do with it, as its the most dry season according to many.

I used to live in an apartment where my shower was connected to my bedroom. So...when I took a shower, my whole room would be SO humid it almost made me like blehhh. However, it seems that the humidity from the shower kept my eyes in check. So...I got a humidifier for my new room now that i've moved back home from school. I'm not sure if it really does much, but it seems to help somewhat. For some people it works amazingly well. I havent really turned it off and tested it though.

So yeah, if you can get one I totally would. The cool mist seems to be better from what i've heard people saying but the warm mist intrigues me too.
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Postby tootsieroll » Sun Dec 07, 2008 4:16 am

I've noticed my vision is fuzzier when it is dry. I have a warm mist humidifier in my room and it helps a bit but now my room is the only place that I am comfortable in. I am afraid to go on the bus where they blast the heat and other small stuffy heated areas. Does any company make pocket size humidifiers?? haha. I wanted to take a long distance trip on those travel buses but the thought of the enclosed space with blasted heat makes me queasy.
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dry eyes

Postby JD » Mon Dec 29, 2008 4:05 am

I had LASIK just about 3 months ago and have had a lot of problems with dry eye since then. A humidifier is definitely helpful, I use cool mist. I did see a desktop humidifier at Bed Bath & Beyond so you may want to check that out. I like Genteal Gel for nighttime, it's getting me through 4-5 hours where before I was waking up every two hours.
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Postby lyndas9254 » Wed Dec 31, 2008 11:28 pm

I too am having dry eye problems which is frustrating. I had my eyes corrected back in March. I used Restasis prescription but that made them worse or made me allergic to them. The humidifier and the shower I found to both be relieving some to the symptoms. I haven't tried the eye gel but thanks for that tip as I will give that a try. I found where some people suggested using flax seed. I am trying that right now but just started that so time will tell. I daily and nightly heavily use Refresh Tears the ones with NO preservatives in and that soothes them just for some time but my eyes are very very dry. I heard staying away from the preservatives may help some. I too look hear for any answers or suggestions with this.

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dry eye

Postby JD » Thu Jan 01, 2009 3:58 am

I also like Optive drops, they are a little bit more viscous than the Refresh Plus drops but not as heavy as Refresh Cellusvisc. The effects from Optive last a bit longer but doesn't cause blurry vision.

Check out for lots of useful information and very friendly forums where you can gets good advice and answers. I bought the Tranquileyes goggles and love them.
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Dry Eyes

Postby lyndas9254 » Thu Jan 01, 2009 8:05 pm

What are the tranquileyes goggles? How do they help? Very interested since my dry eyes are severe.
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Postby boston » Fri Jan 09, 2009 11:36 am

Btw, hey Lynda, me again. It seems u have already received the advice about the goggles. I don't know why Lasik doctors dont publicize and prioritize the use of gel and goggles to everyone getting this. Its like trying to let a dry wound heal when it keeps drying out, it won't heal. Its like you have to use bacitracin in order for it to stay moist enough so it can heal right. Thats what I think the eyes need. I too also use the Genteal gel before I put on the goggles, like I said in my other post. Make it work for you. Over time if you don't get frustrated. It will start showing major improvements I bet, but it takes weeks to notice.
Some improvements will show right away, but major improvements will come in time.

Also, just foe the record. I too tried Restasis, and the stuff did nothing for me. It also irritated my eyes even more, and made them worse. I still have two full boxes of them just sitting here, but I don't want to put that nasty crap in my eyes. Its nasty crap is what I think it is.
Anyway, I like the curved Thera tears drop vials. I like the ways those dispense. ALso, sometimes u gotta then tilt your head forward and down after applying to also cover other parts of your eye and really get full coverage all over your eyes. Try it.

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Postby lyndas9254 » Fri Jan 09, 2009 4:16 pm

Thanks so much for the reply and what to do....I appreciate it very much. I did try the nite cream for sometime now and that helps some! I will follow your suggestions which make sense and give them a good try. Every little bit seems to help so thanks very much!! I will try the Thera Tear drops too. I currently use Refresh Tears the ones with no preservatives assuming they are probably less drying and better. But I am open to try what has worked for others.

Thanks again!!

Lynda from Prior Lake
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