Post Lasik 2.5 years abberations?

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Post Lasik 2.5 years abberations?

Postby M » Wed Dec 03, 2008 10:43 pm

Hi -

I'm a 33 year old woman who had ladar lasik performed 06.29.06. My original prescription was the following (I believe):
Right: -8.75, -3.25, 180 axis
Left: -8.50, -2.75, 5 axis

I remember the staff telling me I just barely qualified for the surgery. With the exception of a little bit of haze, starbursts / halos and slight astigmatism still in my right eye - things had been wonderful...until the beginning of this September things have started getting weird. I've visited 2 opthomologists and 1 retinal specialist (who performed an retinal angiography that came out negative for any tears etc) and a follow up visit with my original eye surgeon and no one sees any issues nor can they equate any of what I'm reporting to the surgery...each has suggested that perhaps I may be experiencing seeing the vitreus gel move around in both eyes that maybe the vitreous is trying to detach and that is common with my prior high prescription. However, with the symptoms I've described no one has truly been able to give me a good answer - they also all have suggested that maybe the problem is at a vascular level and suggest I maybe visit a neurologist. Further - all opthomologist suggest that if the symptoms were related to the surgery I would have noticed them almost immediately following the procedure not this late.

My question(s) to you are:
Is it possible to have any abberations like my symptoms listed below post Lasik and could these symptoms be related to Lasik?
Do you have any suggestions about what type of doctor to visit, maybe a corneal specialist?
If you have heard of the symptoms I've listed - and with my prior prescription, is there any treatment to consider?

I'm trying so hard not to fixate nor believe the surgery was a poor choice for me. I think it's a miracle surgery...I just don't want to live in fear because I can't make any sense of what is happening.

1) When I go from a darkly lit area to a brightly lit area out of my peripheral vision I will see wavy black / flickering lines that typically last for 60 seconds or so then seem to go away after my eyes adjust. There are no headaches associated when this happens.
2) Sometimes I will see flashes of lights or streak type only out of the peripheral vision / again no headaches associated with this
3) In my left eye (out of my peripheral vision), sometimes in low light I will see what looks like a black/gray line / smudge mark (like if you were to stamp your finger on an Etch and Sketch tablet) make its way from the top of my eye to the bottom like someone is running their finger from top to bottom - at times I will also notice this in my right eye in low light as well.
4) Sometimes I could swear out of all sides of my peripheral vision (never central) things that are "still" appear like their in a heat wave or vibrating, but when I try to see it from my central vision I don't see it, thank god.
5) Lately, when I go to the movies, I see a "flickering" when the screen has a brighter backdrop than the rest of the picture, for example if an actor is standing outside the sky will flicker (similar to number 1 issue above.)

Thank you.
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Postby Cactusgod » Fri Dec 05, 2008 6:53 am

Well, I can't really speak for your symptoms, but I do have a strange black spot thing that kinda comes in front of my eye similiar to what you've experienced. For me, its like...when you push your eye in with your finger and leave the other open and pressure starts to build and you see that black spot thing in the open eye.

My doctors suggested that it could also be the gel that just kinda got messed up from the surgery, and eventually it could settle. So...i would probably assume, in your case (if I were you) that its something to do with the gel. However, I'm curious to see other responses.
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Postby M » Fri Dec 05, 2008 3:42 pm

It's so odd. When did your symptom begin? Was it immediately following surgery? Mine started in September. Next Thursday, I'm visiting a top notch corneal specialist to hopefully put my mind at some ease though he cannot promise he'll have an answer or be able to help. I figure he's the last eye specialist I'll visit before heading to a nuerologist.
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Postby DryEye » Mon Dec 08, 2008 8:09 pm

I still get in the early mornings when going from dark light to light wavy vision (bottom and side portion of vision) similar to one's tie on TV strobing for about 30 seconds and then it clears up (along with some other things)
Very weird
I've visited docs throughout time and the best they/I can come up with is that it may be a blend zone related problem
When I go in for an enhancement I'll have my treatment area widened along with residual refractive error taken care of
Let us know what you find out in time & ask if your treatment zone was expanded or if it could be related to blend zones and treatment zone
I had CustomVue back in June of 06
I didn't pick the right surgeon in my opinion, especially now knowing what I know from learning along the way
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