enhancements for blurry vision?

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enhancements for blurry vision?

Postby beth4365 » Sun Jan 04, 2009 5:40 pm


Hello All,

I just found this forum and I've spent some time reading. It looks like there is a lot of good information here, though I am sorry so many have had difficulties with their LASIK procedures.

I had LASIK in February 2006. I believe I had a good doctor and a good procedure. Other than a bit of dryness, I've mostly had no problems.

The one thing I did notice after the procedure was that my "middle" vision wasn't right. My distance vision (trees, highway road signs) was great. I have no problems with close vision (computer screens, books, menus). However, sitting on the sofa and trying to read words on a television screen (advertisements, school delays) was a problem. I had to either squint or move closer. I asked about this difficulty at one of my follow up visits and the doctor basically told me he didn't know what the problem was.

Now, nearly three years after LASIK, I'm having more problem with distance vision. Reading something on the television screen is really difficult, highway road signs are where I really notice the difference. I have to be very close to the sign before I can read what it says.

I've called my LASIK doctor and I have an appointment in about a week. I was told over the phone that I probably need an "enhancement" and that the cost will be $400-800 per eye.

Firstly, cost is an issue for me. Secondly, I think I've read enough at this forum to know that if I can avoid enhancements, it's probably best. Also, I'm almost 44, so maybe these changes are due to aging? Maybe they don't have anything to do with LASIK?

Can I please have some insight? What should I ask the doctor at my next appointment? I think the plan that day is to do an eye exam and to discuss options. Should I try contacts or glasses before any enhancements? Is worsening vision just part of the surgery in the first place?

I know this is long. I just wanted to try to provide enough information to get good responses. I'll be watching and will try to answer any questions you have that might help with an answer. I appreciate you taking the time to read and respond.


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Postby vj » Wed Jan 07, 2009 2:43 pm

hi beth,
I think before getting enhancement you should get an eye checkup to see if there is any residual prescription left. But since you say that you have problem only with mid distance vision, I doubt if that is the possibility.
But I would still suggest you to just try glasses first and see if it helps.
After my surgery back in sep'08 I was having trouble with my distant vision, watching TV/driving ... things were not clear. Then I came to know there was some residual prescription still left. When I use glasses of -1 prescription, everything becomes clear. I am also thinking of enhancement after 6 month completion time.
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