Dry Eyes

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Dry Eyes

Postby noodles » Mon Jan 26, 2009 6:54 pm

Has anyone seen improvements in dry eye and/or had it resolve in a longer time period? For example, March will mark my 2 years since lasik and I still need restasis every day and experience dry eye. Has anyone had their dry eye resolve after 2 years or is this it?
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Postby boston » Wed Jan 28, 2009 6:34 am

Yes I have. Just recently, this year. It is about maintenance! The more you keep them healthy, the better they will feel over time. Until you get that concept you may never experience relief.
I am about 20 months post-op, almost 2 years, and it wasn't until just a few months ago that I started to realize.
-Coating my eyes very well with gel EVERY NIGHT, tilt my head back, then all the way forward, coat one eye, THEN do the other. Then wear the mask EVERY NIGHT.
First thing in the morning, DRENCH your eyes!
Just keep open nips of drops open all around, on the counter top, wherever. You gotta just keep using them.
-Then, coating the surrounding skin with oil. I dip my hand in some , I use organic castor oil, thick. But you could use olive, jojoba, or even vaseline.. Coat your eye sockets, around your eyes, and eye lids, especially at night. Keeps the skin around your eyes from wicking moisture away from your eyes.
And then just keep using the hell out of drops! And stay hydrated, and relaxed!
Basically my eyes started seeing signs of improvement after 18 months, and I feel like they are still getting better! I am hopeful. This is also my recovery post. Oh, btw, there are others who take 2-3 years to recover as well.
Good luck man! Keep stress reduced, and stay off the computer. Take care of yourself, and they very well should get better. That is what took me nearly 10 months to find out! And I Thank the Lord!!!!
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