Post Lasik, dry eyes, 9 month update

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Post Lasik, dry eyes, 9 month update

Postby johnny_F » Thu Feb 05, 2009 9:53 pm

I had my wavefront Lasik surgery back in May (2008) and wanted to post an update. I suffered from severe dry eye for the first 3 to 4 months afterwards, which slowly improved to moderate, and I can now say in the past couple of months has improved to mild. It’s been almost 9 months now since my surgery and I rarely need to use any drops.

Yesterday I finally had a chance to see a dry eye specialist, who suffers from dry eyes herself. She basically gave me a full ocular check up and I have to say it was just what I needed. For dry eyes, she gave me some form of a Schirmer’s test (I tested a measly 6mm), and a couple different staining tests. From this she was able to tell me that my dry eyes were caused solely from an aqueous layer deficiency. My oily layer was excellent (probably from all of the omega 3’s I’ve been taking), no problems with the mucin layer and no problems with my lids. She explained that this was probably a genetic problem which was exasperated by the surgery. (I had a very difficult time wearing contacts before my surgery and this was probably the reason)

Just knowing exactly what the problem is, and knowing the best ways to treat it, was a great feeling for me. I would suggest to anyone who is having a difficult time with dry eyes, to see a specialist if you can.

It was also great to get a second opinion on every thing else as well. She said my flaps looked great, no scar tissue, barely visible and did not affect the movement of the dye/tear film over my eye.

I think if you are struggling, a visit like this not only helps you understand and manage your symptoms, it’s a huge psychological boost as well, which is sometimes half the battle. I am feeling more confident then ever that with time my eyes will be feeling 100% back to normal again.

As for my night vision problems and floaters, they are becoming less noticeable all the time as I learn to get used to them.
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What did she recommend?

Postby Mr.UnPerfect » Fri Feb 06, 2009 3:57 am

Got some peace of mind, way to go. Did she have LASIK also.
Did she recommend any drops or types of treatments? What kind of drops ? What should the Schimer test # be optimally? I still have some dry eye at times and I am almost at 2 years, I determined mine seems to be triggered by allergies and like you I never had dry eye before but the dang flap triggered it. Did you have the Intralase or blade?

Here is a good article I found recently, check it out.
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Postby johnny_F » Wed Feb 25, 2009 12:37 am

Just to answer some of your questions. No she didn't have lasik, she suffered from an autoimmune disease. She recommended Tears Naturale II (her favorite). She claimed they had the closest composition to the natural tear. She also recommended trying the new Systane ultra drop.

If I remember from her correctly, the Schirmer's test score ranges are something along the lines of:

15-20mm Good
10-15mm Average
5-10mm Below average
0-5mm Bad

She also recommended taking Fish oil over Flaxseed oil -> Less then 5% of flax oil can be EPA and DHA compounds.
Her recommendation was liquid oil vs capsules. A dosage of EPA + DHA = 2000 to 3000 mg/day in a 3:2 ratio.
She also recommended taking GLA (labeled the only good omega 6 oil) at 1000 to 1300 mg/day. This can be found in evening primrose oil.
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