Post TS-LASIK Focusing Issue

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Post TS-LASIK Focusing Issue

Postby CraziED » Wed Feb 18, 2009 10:16 am

I had Tissue Saving LASIK surgery done on Sept 07 and an enhancement in Feb 08. Apparently, during the enhancement I was given the ultimatum that my Cornea has been exhausted and no further enhancement will be possible again. This was done on my right eye.

Anyway, one year on, my vision according to an autorefractor and Snellen chart appears to have been quite stable except for some minor regression. And given my high power prior, I don't see this regression as something significant - and vision under normal conditions are still quite good. So, no complains here.

My question is that one year on, I'm still experiencing this focusing problem. And the vision according to the above 2 tests appears to be good. However, every time when I try to focus from far to near or vice versa, there is always a "window period" where my vision appears blurry.

I'm 25, so presbyopia doesn't sound like it. Or maybe its an early onset presbyopia (like my cataract). I do have a tiny posterior sub capsular cataract in the eye, but it doesn't appear to be causing any problems yet. What might this be?

Another question, in my left eye, I have cataract surgery done and a Toric IOL implanted. I do experience some lens flares and due to this poorer night vision etc, and according to another surgeon this was probably due to the Toric properties of the lens worsening the symptoms. Is it true that a Toric IOL tends to cause more of these problems? Is there nothing that could be done then?

Additionally, for the right (IOL) eye, I still have about +0.75 of hyperopia caused by the overpowering IOL. I'm contemplating having LASIK for this eye, but the national LASIK center I called told me that the best candidate would need to have a refractive error of at least +150 to be considered, as the refractive outcome can never be guaranteed and thus a higher error would have a better chance of success. Is this true and should I consider abandoning the idea?

As a side note, is it true that having hyperopia means that the general vision clarity profile for distance and reading vision will always tend to be poorer than eyes with myopia? Why is this so? I thought I read it in an article on the site, but would like to confirm that this is true.

The main reason I want to consider LASIK is because of the blurriness I'm getting on occasions with the LASIK (left) eye. Because if the LASIK eye goes blur and I also can't use the other (IOL) eye to see clearly, then it becomes quite an uncomfortable "sight" (pun intended).

Any suggestions?
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