Enhancement questions. (1st op @ 14months ago)

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Enhancement questions. (1st op @ 14months ago)

Postby mgear356 » Sun Apr 12, 2009 3:46 pm

Hi guys,
I had my 1st op @ 19/02/2008 and the quote was posted awhile ago @ June 2008. Till now, my left eye is always razor sharp, irregardless of how long my day had been.

My eye condition has been going up and down..

from 20 feb till like late june, my condition on my right eye has regressed till a stable 100-150 myopia.

Things started to get better @ early july when i felt its like 50-75 myopia on my right eye.

There are days during july that it would be even 0-25 myopia.

i thought it was more or less stable till today when i woke up, i felt that it has gone back to 150 myopia.

My question is that during sleeping, can dry eyes cause such affect/damage?

My condition after 5months is that my eyes still feel dry when i wake up although my dependency of eye drops is much more lesser..

So from june 2008 till now, my right eye has been up and down. I do not need eye drops in the day and each night, i put a generous amount of genteal eye gel to sleep.

Since using Genteal eye gel, my right eye had improved with the frequency of 1-2weeks sharp vision and 1-4 days of bad version (myopia of 75-100).
The bad vision occurs after waking up from bed.

Now the question.

I went to see my surgeon today and he checked my eye.
He told me that my eyes are unlikely to be still healing.

The rollarcoaster of myopia to my right eye is due to
- The eye muscle straining to give good vision as I still have remaining degree of 75-100 degrees.

On days which are good, he says that it might be genteal eye gel forming a layer acting as the lens which kept my vision sharp.

I told him that on good right vision days, when the day is ending, my right eye wont not be as sharp as waking up. His answer is that my right eye muscle is tired.

He told me that I have a remaining 371 of flap left on right eye which is more than enough for enhancement.
Encouragement was given my surgeon to go for the enhancement asap.

So guys, is it really safe to go for enhancement with 371 of flap and to correct around 75 of myopia?

Should I wait some more to see if my right eye would improve? Is healing still possible after 14months?
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Postby It's Just Me » Sun Apr 19, 2009 1:37 am

I would think that 14 months would be a really stable time period to have waited! Not sure what 371 of flap means?
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