2nd Opinion - Glare caused by lost Iris Pigmentation

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2nd Opinion - Glare caused by lost Iris Pigmentation

Postby mcapp » Tue Apr 21, 2009 5:27 am

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the enhancement I had 10 months ago and how I have been miserable ever since.

Well, I saw a retina specialist today for a second opinion. She figured out what my Lasik doctors have been unable to figure out about what is causing my glare in a matter of five minutes.

I have been having glare issues in my left eye ever since my enhancement. I have never had glare issues prior to that. I kept being told by my lasik doctors that they didn't know what is was and why it was still affecting me. They said it could take four years for the eyes to totally heal but they assured me it should go away. They also stated that the floaters I am experiencing in both eyes were mere coincidence and not related to the surgery.

However, once my eyes were dialated this morning by the retina specialist, she immediately asked if I had trauma to my left eye. She stated that I had only 1/3 of the pigmentation left on my iris and that was causing the glare in my left eye. "The pigmentation in the Iris is what blocks the light from entering your eye" she explained. She thought maybe it was a birth defect, but I certainly would have experienced the glare prior to my enhancement. She stated that trauma or surgery including cataracts surgery has been known to knock off pieces of pigmentation from the Iris although she didn't necessarily know whether or not lasik could have caused it. She also stated that any type of eye surgery would speed up the onset of floaters. Neither of these complications will get better, in fact, the floaters will continue to get worse in her opinion.

My question is...

Whether the loss of pigementation on my iris was a birth defect or caused by the lasik procedure, should the lasik surgeon bare some type of responsibility? Obviously, this fact was not caught and brought to my attention during the screening process, nor were they able to determine what was causing my glare after the enhancement. I can only say that I never had glare prior to my enhancement, even when my eyes were 20/30 after the first surgery. Where do I go from here? Please help.
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Postby LasikExpert » Mon May 11, 2009 4:15 pm

I've looked through the FDA clinical trial protocol for excimer lasers and many Lasik related studies. Nowhere do I find anything that correlates iris pigmentation and Lasik issues. This is, to my knowledge, the first that has even an arms-length connection. Since iris pigmentation issues are not considered relevant to Lasik, it seems unlikely that a general ophthalmologist would have checked for an abnormality. It took a sub-specialist to note the problem.

You may consider wearing colored contact lenses. The colored iris of the contact lens will help block light entering the eye and will assist the diminished function of the depleted iris pigmentation. It is possible to have a surgically placed pseudo iris, but that is more invasive surgery that may not be required.

You may want to ask your surgeon to submit a case-study to the medical journals. This would alert other doctors of the possibility of an iris pigmentation issue contributing to glare.
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