2nd Year Anniversary Today!

Post your questions and start your research in this forum if more than three months ago you had any type of surgery to reduce the need for glasses and contacts.

2nd Year Anniversary Today!

Postby iamjoe » Mon May 04, 2009 8:16 pm

Greetings all. Today is a big day for me. Two years ago, right about now, I was under the laser. How's it been since then? Well... at first it was kind of scary. I did my research about lasik. I became convinced that a bladless surgery was the best route to go.

My initial results were positive. I have to say though that i did go through a scray patch were I was feeling like 'what have I done, what have I done?'. I was experiencing quite a bit of light sensitivity as well as some dry eyes. After that I was dealt some type of inner ear disturbance which I still feel was related to my surgery (although my surgeon and others said probably not).

Within time everything normalized and I am happy to say that today I am a happy man, with 20-15 vision.

During my initial few months of scary times this is what I did to ease my suffering and to stay positive...
- took a vision supplement
- ate lots of raw kale and drank lots of water.
- prayed

I'd like to believe that it just took time for my body to adjust to the drastic change of my new vision.

To all those who are considering lasik, do your homework (research dizziness, dry eye).

I have heard stories of great outcomes right away and of nightmare stories too. Mine was a bit of both, but today all is well and every time I wear normal sunglasses I am happy.

God Bless all who are suffering. Try to stay positive.
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Postby LasikExpert » Mon May 11, 2009 3:57 pm


Thanks for the follow-up. It is so important to know how someone's surgery progressed and the final result. Congrats on your happy result!
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