advanced surface treatment

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advanced surface treatment

Postby naa » Mon Jun 01, 2009 8:50 pm

thank you for this forum

i am 48yo, female, had advanced surface treatment end of feb, 09. had high mypoia (9.5) and astigmatism of 2.5 in each eye prior to treatment.

at about 9 weeks post had to go to glasses
OD plano +2.00 x 77
OS +0.25 +1.75 x 107

have had a recent visit to surgeon and numbers almost exact as script above-apparently stabilizing.
am considering an enhancement but
have visited several articles on this site (diminshed outcome if astigmatism more than have the sphere, and laser coupling effect.)

could you please give your opinion on this as I am obvioulsy more than half the sphere and as per laser coupling would not like to be more farsighted. however, my glasses help but would not like to have to wear this script forever-has been hard to adjust to.
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