Had lasik in 2006..my update

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Had lasik in 2006..my update

Postby rayvendawn » Tue Aug 11, 2009 5:59 am

So I had wavefront guided intralasik in 2006 and I have done perfectly well up until a couple of weeks ago. I eventually "healed" my dry eye problem and no longer have any real issues with it. I see a slight halo at night but it's not too bad, I try to feel optimistic about it because I couldn't be out at night at all before I had lasik I simply couldn't see anything. The halo isn't enough to really bug me though, it's just something I've noticed.
I'm not sure as to my prescription before I has lasik, right before I went in they told me I was 20/600 with severe astigmatism. I came out with excellent vision but it slowly has went downhill, I sort of expected it though because of all of my reading from this forum I get the idea that it's relatively common for people with a high astigmatism to need enhancements or glasses/contacts afterwards.
My issue now is that my right eye is getting blurry with my distance vision though seems to be fine with near objects. The decline has been rather quick and caught me off gaurd. At first I just felt this tug like my left eye was doing all of the work and I was using my right eye in a secondary way, this is hard to discribe but the feeling was very strange. I started wearing my glasses that I was prescribed for my headaches after I had lasik and it helps but really the vision in my left eye is nearly identical to my rx and when I take my glasses off my right eye feels very strange like my eye is stressed or being slightly pulled. After this happened my eye started feeling as if I had a thin film over it and I would keep blinking or checking my eye to see if I had anything on or in it. I can definitely tell the difference now and I think my astigmatism in my right eye is coming back, I'm not sure why it would choose one eye and not the other though. They were almost identical in RX before surgery. The change is slight in my vision but enough for me to notice and it has happened so quickly that I am now worried about it.
I am about to make an appointment with my old eye doctor and see what's going on, she is VERY against lasik though and I'm not sure if the opinion is going to be fair...I don't know if this is something I should go back to my lasik surgeon over or not.
Anyone that has any advice or similar experience with long term lasik please feel free to chime in.
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