Permanent plugs for tear ducts...

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Permanent plugs for tear ducts...

Postby tootsieroll » Tue Aug 11, 2009 8:51 pm

So it's been almost two years since my PRK surgery and I've had issues with dry eyes and smeared images ever since. I went back to the doctors to try to resolve the dry eye issue and they put in permanent plugs in my lower tear ducts. I've tried dissolvable once and found they sort of helped. Though the permanent ones are a bit different as they have a cap that stay above the tear duct. Problem is, the left one is causing me some pain. Every now and then it scratches my eyeball and I have to close my eyes from the pain, almost like someone stuck something sharp against my eyeball. Right one does it too but not as much as the left one and my eyeballs are both red at the corners near the plugs. Is this causing damage..or should I give it a couple of days to get use to it. If I use a magnifying mirror and look real close the caps sit at an angle and are not flat against the skin. But I can't imagine them being perfectly flat considering where the tear ducts are located..I guess you can say my tear ducts turn towards my eyeball and are not upright.
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Re: Permanent plugs for tear ducts...

Postby thereishope » Mon Aug 24, 2009 7:17 am

Are you sure they put them in correctly? I have permanent ones too, and I have never noticed that they are there. I had Lasik 2 years ago. Perhaps you should get a second opinion. I hear that they are also easily removeable by doctors if necessary.
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