cornea too thin for enhancement?

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cornea too thin for enhancement?

Postby GeneralPatientInquiry » Wed May 31, 2006 5:49 am

Overall, my surgery four months ago was successful. However, I don't see as crisp as I believe I should. I have a thin cornea and was recommended for PRK, vs. Lasik. My corea is 470 microns thick.Since my surgery, my doctor has left the practice. I was told if I wanted/needed an enhancement, no problem. However, I just saw another doctor in the same practice and he is telling me he would not have accepted me as a patient even for PRK...obviously that was very alarming and concerning to me. He says my cornea is too thin and it would be too risky to perform an enhancement. I am upset that I wasn't told this upfront. Is the new doctor not wanting to perform an enhancement because it is too costly for him. Does he not want to treat me because his colleague has left the practice, or is my cornea really too thin and I shouldn't have an enhancement. I am going to have a second opinion, but this new news is rather alarming. Now I am questioning whether I should havd had the surgery - wa! s my first doctor too aggressive? I did a very thorough job checking him out, his practice, getting referencs, etc.
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Postby LasikExpert » Wed May 31, 2006 5:51 am

It is bad enough when two doctors do not agree on a plan of action, but it is worse when they don't agree on it after it is already done!

If your cornea is now 470 microns thick, then there is virtually no possibility of the structural integrity of the cornea being compromised. Even if your cornea was 470 microns thick before your PRK, you would still be safe. Although thicker is much better, most doctors agree that so long as 250 microns of cornea remain untouched and intact, then the cornea will remain stable. The second doctor may not have provided PRK for other reasons, but the thickness issue does not seem to be the problem.

There most certainly may be other reasons your current doctor does not want to perform an enhancement. A second opinion will probably determine what is actually best for you. I would not, however, insist on an enhancement if the doctor does not believe it is wise. It may be that the doctor understands the limitations of his technology and techniques are lower than the limitations of the procedure itself. In other words, this doctor may actually not be able to provide a good outcome, whereas another doctor may.

After your second opinion, you will be better informed and undoubtedly better prepared when you see your current doctor again. Discuss in detail his reasoning and come to your own decision about what (or who) is best for you.
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