2 Years out

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2 Years out

Postby Joseph » Tue Dec 08, 2009 3:15 am

I had a follow-up appointment today for my procedure. It has been two years. I wrote about it in detail on this website:


I had VisX CustomVue Lasik on 12-26-07 in the office of a local board certified Ophthalmologist. My procedure was for monovision. I had my left eye corrected for reading up close, and my right eye corrected for distance. Before the procedure, wore glasses or contacts for over 40 years.

I have been very happy with the results. People ask me about the monovision aspect of it. To this day, if I think about the idea that one eye sees close and the other far, I do notice the difference. When I don't think about it, I really don't notice.

There I do have some of the starburst and halo effect while driving at night, but I tend to think it has to do with my left eye being "blurry".

I watch TV in bed at night with the television straight ahead. Sometimes I'll pick up a glass of water and take a sip and for a second will block my right eye and I'm always kind of stunned because the TV is blurry all of a sudden. That's not a big deal, just an example of how seldom I notice there is any difference this long after the procedure.

The Doctor said that everything looked great. I was able to read lines with either eye beyond what he expected. On my close eye, I was almost clear enough to pass a vision test for driving. There is a spot, probably about 3' out where it seems like both eyes are reasonably sharp.

I thought back when I had the procedure done that at some point I'd want to get glasses for when I'm doing a lot of reading, or a contact to wear in my left eye so both eyes would be sharp if I was going to drive a long distance, but it's never been an issue, so I've never done that.

I had this done right after my 49th birthday. I'll be 51 next week. I feel like I was at a point where my eyes were not changing that much anymore. I had lost enough close vision to where I was having to carry around reading glasses to wear with my contacts, that allowed me to see distance. I was sitting in the office waiting for my appointment today reading a magazine, and thought about how I had just given that kind of thing up before getting my eyes done. I just wasn't used to carrying around reading glasses all the time. I had them at home, and would use them for things like reading a newspaper or a book, but mostly I would just avoid close reading.

He asked me how often I was using eyedrops. I used to use them frequently (more than daily) when I wore contacts. I really hadn't thought about it, but I never use eyedrops anymore. I just haven't felt like I needed them, or that my eyes have been dry and uncomfortable.

It really has changed my day to day life, and two years out, I'm still glad I did it. I'd get it done again, and I would get monovision again.
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