a dlk experience from a portuguese patiente

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a dlk experience from a portuguese patiente

Postby Paulo » Wed May 05, 2010 7:30 pm

well......i am from portugal n i have lasik in 18 of january 2010
i have dlk 4 on my right eye, n i am now farsighted
my doctor told me that i do not have to much scars or folds on my eye n the haze is almost gone, but my vision its not at all 100%.
well, i am depressing since the operation, n this forums give me some hope of recovery, specialy the case of faith, that almost revovered his vision completely
my doctor tell not to do anithing, just eye drops for dryness, and too wait
i guess, from what i have read and hear, that is the best option
do u recomend that i wear contacte lens on my dlk eye? n if so, what kind of contacte lens?
i realize that when i put eye drops, in the seconds imadiatly after my vision is good (what a feeling!), but then its returns to normal (:().
well thank u very much for this forum (unfortunately, portugal is a small country with very few cases of lasik complications), and for charing my problems with others
hope to hear from u soon

thank u very much

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