Please help - DLK (from portugal)

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Please help - DLK (from portugal)

Postby Paulo » Sun May 09, 2010 8:25 pm

Please help - DLK (from portugal)

well, i have posted about my condition n i would like to hear some experts about my dlk stage 4.
i was operated on 18 of january of 2010, n i have developed dlk 4 on my right eye, right on the third day post-op.
my doctor said the inflamation is almost gone n i dont have to many striae or fold or scarring on my eye, but i am farsighted now.
my question are:
is there any hope of full recovery?
is there, meantime, a contact lens that i can use to correct my farsithedness?
if so, it is recomendable tu use?
do u think that, when the hiperopia stabilizes, i should make an enhancment?
hope to hear from lasikexpert
thank u

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