Long term Rate of regression after Lasik

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Long term Rate of regression after Lasik

Postby 1Julia1 » Fri Oct 15, 2010 9:58 pm

I had Custom Vue Intralase Lasik w/ Iris Registration in March 2006, when I was 31. My eyes were -9.5 and -9.0. I know that, after the surgery, the flap on the left eye was not placed back perfectly. However, I healed very well, and had no complications. I do find it difficult to drive at night, but compared to where I was before the surgery, this is such a minor inconvenience that to me it's not worth talking about.
It's now October 2010, 4.5 years after the surgery. My left eye regressed to -1.0. To me it seemed to happen rapidly - during the month of August 2010.
I was asked by the doctor if I want a correction surgery, and I don't think I do. I am now 35 years old, and a part of me is hoping that my eyesight will start shifting toward farsightedness, hence correcting for nearsightedness, giving me perfect vision (this happened to a couple family members).-1.0 is so small compared to my original -9.5, that to me it's not worth correcting for.
However, I do lack certain information on the subject, hence I came to this board. Does anyone here know of any publications or research that documents an average rate of regression after Lasik for patients with high myopia? If it's going to get worse at a rate of -1.0 every 4 years, I'm ok with that. Also, is it going to keep regressing forever, or is it going to stop at some point? And finally, if one eye is at -1.0, is it going to affect the other eye?

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