Eyelid discomfort after Lazik is driving me nuts!!

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Eyelid discomfort after Lazik is driving me nuts!!

Postby ernie » Mon Oct 25, 2010 9:28 pm

Had my Lazic 4 weeks ago and I still have a strange sensation in my top right eyelid, sort of nerve or maybe something stuck under it, if i rub it once it goes away for a few seconds, i've seen a few post regarding the same thing but it seems that no one got it resolve, any help? Its driving me nuts I use drops cold and warm compresses, massage, etc. Nothing makes it go away for real, sometimes I don't feel it and sudently it's back!!
Sometimes it fels like I have hair on top of my eyeid but is not, sometimes it feels ike is extra skin but I'm only 38 and it wasn't this way before Lazik, it even olests when I'm closing my eyes and trying to sleep, it even keeps me up at night, is realy anoying, can any expert help? my surgeon says it's normal and that everything looks ok. Thanks in advance for any help. Please let me know if anyone out there knows waht it is and if it ever goes away, what to do and how to do it please!!!
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