9 Months since LASEK - no complaints

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9 Months since LASEK - no complaints

Postby Abhijeth_Manohar » Tue Jan 04, 2011 3:48 am

Hello all,

My original prescription was right eye: -7.00, left -6.50, no astigmatism on any eye. I'm 27. I have had glasses since I was 11 and had been wearing soft contact lens since I was 16 for the last 10 years. Eventually tired of putting on and taking off my contact lens every morning and night, I decided to get surgery done.

The first time I went for a checkup was in Parisppany, New Jersey in January 2009, to see if I qualified for a Lasik surgery. The doctor performed the tests and informed that I was not a suitable candidate due to the fact that my cornea size was too small. My left eye was a 490 and right was 470. Minimum size recommended was 530. So naturally disappointed, I resigned myself to my fate and continued using contact lenses. A year later in March, 2010, I decided to get a second opinion and also maybe hoped my cornea size had miraculously changed (yea, I was pretty desperate). So I called up Eye Med, my vision insurance and they gave me a couple of names in New York City. I decided to go for [Redacted] and set up an appointment.

On my first visit, one of his in-house doctors Dr. [Redacted] took over my chart, gave me information on LASEK and the differences between LASIK & LASEK. The initial consult took around two hours with a lots of tests, prescription test, slit test, tear quality, dilation drops, dominant eye with vision machines located in 3 rooms, and other little things I'm probably not remembering well at the moment. However all in all, nothing too scary – all straight forward tests. I went through the entire array expecting to hear that I once again wasn’t a suitable candidate. Dr. [Redacted] then proceeded to tell me that I was a perfect candidate and that the cornea size does not matter since they don’t cut a flap. I was thrilled and immediately scheduled the surgery for April 1st, 2010. The next 2 weeks were spent preparing for the surgery – no contact lens, no coffee or alcohol, good sleep, proper hydration, reading up on LASEK and after surgery care for the eyes.

Finally it was D-day and my home-boy, Prashant Shetty (P-Diddy), came along to take me home after the surgery was done. They did a couple more tests prior, briefed me on what was going to happen, checked if I had my prescribed drops and medicines and whether I knew the schedule in which I was to take them. Once that was confirmed, they gave me a pill which made me drowsy (Valium I think) and was told it was for the surgery. I then got comfortable in the surgery room where Dr. [Redacted] then came over, they put on some of my favorite tracks and in space of 10-15 minutes, the surgery was over which was completely painless. I felt just fine immediately post-procedure, except for a little drowsiness which was beginning to wear off. Dr. [Redacted] got me up, pointed me to some sign-boards and I could distinctly make out some of the letters. I was told it could take up to a week to heal, but I might heal faster (This turns out to be... um, not the case, but I can't complain too much. Not when you have your eyesight getting better and better with time). I relaxed for a while in the sitting room and then went home to prepare for my hibernation for a week. The next day was Friday, then the weekend and I had taken Mon – Weds off in order to recover completely. I had a follow-up on Friday and the Doctor said everything looked normal and my vision was at 20/50.

I was told to keep my eyes closed as much as possible, preferably all the time to amplify healing time. I did as best I could, even tied a blindfold to force myself to keep my eyes closed. But you have to see when you go to the bathroom or when you have to eat. I was also advised not to rub or get water in my eyes for at least 3-4 days after surgery. I followed these to the letter. The next few days were crazy, didn’t go out at all and pretty much until my follow-up the next week on Thursday, I did not do anything that involved my eyes for more than 5 minutes. By the 4th or 5th day, my eyesight was definitely better but I still had trouble reading. I knew it was healing and just did what the doctor had told me. Took my medicines, drops, kept my eyes closed as much as possible, listened to the radio and slept a lot. I will not go into what drops and medicines were prescribed, these could vary by doctor and patient and there are several brands out there. When I read up on them, I realized my Doctor had given me the best of what was available in the market.

Thursday for my post surgery 1 week checkup – I rode the subway by myself. I don’t have the need for a car in the city – so didn’t have to worry about driving around (I would wait for at least 3-4 weeks for that). The Doctor removed the bandage lenses which were put in during the surgery and checks my eyesight again, I’m around 20/40 on both eyes. However I feel like I can see much better with my right eye than my left, even though my left is the dominant eye and had lesser prescription than my right eye before the surgery. Over the weekend and the next 2 weeks there was significant improvement in my eyesight. The only problem I had was dryness for which I used the tear drops. Mornings were difficult since I used to wake up with gnu and dryness but that kept getting better with the drops and night gel.

On my post surgery 1 Month checkup, my eyesight was almost perfect. My right was at 20/20 and my left was at 20/30. The Doctor told me that sometimes it could get as good as 20/15. They checked to see if I knew the schedule in which I was to take the drops and tablets, told me to continue taking care of my eyes exactly the same way and setup a post surgery 3 month checkup appointment. I was to be away from the country for a month and took as much advice as possible so as I would know what to do in an emergency. For the next 2 months, my eyesight improved even more and I can safely say somewhere between 6 – 8 weeks, I could read, see signs and do everything without the aid of any help. I was more than happy, ecstatic would be the more appropriate word.

My eyes were very sensitive to light right after the surgery and also felt very dry. I wore sunglasses whenever I was out in the sun and used drops every 1-2 hours. This improves and in like 4-5 months I felt much better. Dryness had gone but I still use the drops. Light Sensitivity was reduced to a minimum but I still use my sunglasses whenever I’m out in the sun. It just seemed to get better as time went on.

My 3 month checkup went smooth and the Doctor said I was at 20/20 in both eyes. Congratulated me and continued to tell me that I would still need to care good care of my eyes in the future. The staff then proceeded to release me from further check-ups. Informed me that any complications, I should come see them immediately. Upto one year from the date of surgery any checkup was free of cost and in case if there was more correction required I would get a free surgery.

It’s been 9 months since the surgery, one thing I would like to mention is that I could see better with my contact lenses, only slightly though. Something that the Doctor would say Hi-Def vision. I went for the standard package. I went for a standard checkup with my eye doctor who I used to see prior to my surgery for my glasses and lenses. She performed all the standard tests, told me that everything seemed fine and I should get a checkup once a year to make sure my eyes were doing well. The reason I recommend this is because after surgery, you may have scarring or glaucoma depending on how you take care of your eyes or if you have a past history. So in order to avoid then, make sure you have your checkup once/twice a year at least.

That said, I honestly couldn't be happier with LASEK. I can see in the shower and read with no difficulty. I still use sunglasses on sunny days to protect my eyes from the sun and drops throughout the day to keep my eyes hydrated, but otherwise no glasses or contact lenses for the first time since I was 11. Every time I hydrate, I can see a little bit better so I think there’s still some improvement left. But coming from -7.00 to 20/20 vision, I am more than happy. If it gets better than this I will be thrilled.

Thank you Dr. [Redacted] for your help and support.

- Abhijeth Manohar

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Re: 9 Months since LASEK - no complaints

Postby stillwaiting » Thu Feb 03, 2011 4:59 am

hello there!

I just read your post and it gives me a bit of hope, i had the surgery 6 days ago and my right eye seems to be perfect (20/20) vision. and my left eye seems to be around -1.00 (after a 3 day checkup) my priscription was around (L-7.5 and R -7.75) before the surgery. u seem to say that after 3 months both eyes become 20/20 in your case. Iam currently concerned that my left eye will remain at -1.00, but your experience seems to give me the slightest of hopes.
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