Day/Night Starburst, Double vision and Microstriae

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Day/Night Starburst, Double vision and Microstriae

Postby Dan27 » Sun Aug 21, 2011 4:50 am

Hi everyone. I had LASIK two years ago and it was the biggest mistake in my life. It pretty much ruined the quality of my vision. My pupils are 8mm and I received a 7mm optical zone with a treatment all the way to 9mm. Laser used was the Allegreto Q-eye.
I have pretty much all the aberrations possible.

During the day, lights and reflections look like sparkles. I also have ghosting/double vision in dim lighting. If only one eye is open it gets pretty bad.

At night things are just horrid. Light's look fuzzy and pretty much the sparkle effect that I see around lights during the day is still there but just more noticeable. Basically, lights look as if I am looking through vaseline. Then come the starburst, which grow with the size of my pupils and can get pretty massive at times. There is also haloing. The ghost is also much worse. 'Funny' thing: when I look at a light source at night, I'd see the ghost image and the true image and they BOTH starburst!

Anyways, I've seen a bunch of specialists and the latest that I've got is: irregular astigmatism (well, duh!), irregular cornea, microstriae in both flaps and some dry eyes (the quality of my tear film is not great and my film breaks down quickly). Doctor said that flap interface is clear. At this point he has me under "observation".

Glenn, what do you think? Have you heard of anything like this before. I have done extensive research but most people with complications seem to have GASH as a result of decenter ablation or small optical zones. And I have most definitely not seen people experiencing those daytime bursts.

Needless to say, doctors run away from me like the plague. They are all very willing to help at first but very quickly realize the situation and don't want to deal with the case. My original "doctor" refuses to acknowledge a problem.

Enough venting I guess.

If you have something to comment, I'd greatly appreciate any input.

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Re: Day/Night Starburst, Double vision and Microstriae

Postby Dan27 » Sat Sep 24, 2011 10:31 pm

Glenn, do you have any suggestions?

I had another conversation with the doctor and he says that they suspect microfolds in the stroma of the flap. Bare in mind that this is 2 years after I had LASIK. If these wrinkles are contributing to the HOA do you think it's a good idea to seek treatment for those from a specialist who has dealt with flap folds so far out after LASIK. I've read that it's not the best case scenario but even old striae can improved with certain techniques, esp in the hands of an experienced doctor.

Glenn any suggestions? Can you recommend someone in the field who is dealing with striae?

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