platelet rich plasma eye drops

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platelet rich plasma eye drops

Postby tasha946 » Thu Jun 20, 2013 3:39 pm

7 days ago I started these eye drops for the dry eye from my lasik 9 months ago. My doctor made the drops himself under very strict conditions. On the 5th day (I use these drops 3 times a day) I noticed swelling of my eyelids and all under my eyes. I emailed my doctor who is currently out of town, but said it did sound like I was having a reaction to the drops. He will return next Wed. and wants to see how I am after discontinuing the drops. He did say that an allergist would probably be in order. But you know, otherwise my eyes are not feeling so dry is the very sad thing!!!! This is not supposed to happen according to him and my investigation on the internet which I have done for the last 2 days. I really don't think the drops were contaminated or blood got switched at the donation center??? I took my blood to my doctor directly from the lab myself. I am starting to wonder then if there is an underlying condition that I have that is causing this reaction---is it a protein hypersensitivity or something way more complicated ---autoimmune thing ????? I am in a fairly small town and trying to get to the bottom of things may be hard. Am I making too much of this??? I called my ENT/allergist office and the nurse thought I was nuts because she had never heard of any of this stuff and I am afraid will not relay the info correctly. Should have asked for him to return my call and not tried to explain anything to her. I have found that doctors in large medical centers in large cities are way more apt to talk to directly for some reason.
Just took a benadryl ! I have previously posted here concerning my decentered ablation.
Any advice??
Thanks so much.
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