can a person get a second enhancement?

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can a person get a second enhancement?

Postby susssan » Mon Jul 01, 2013 10:38 pm

first time I had lasik it ended up 15% off the goal and my right eye was -1.50 left eye was supposed to hit -2.0 for monovision but ended up maybe -2.50
I had an enhancement and was told not to expect 20/20 but they would get as close as they could. It was pretty close to 20/20 Then about 18 months later, it was -.50 and I believe it's worse yet now because the glasses I got do not make my vision clear. The left eye is now -3.0

I am thinking of having the left eye corrected for distance, but why bother if my eyes keep regressing.

Any input on regression? Is this normal? I most definitely have astigmatism so everything is blurry. My latest glasses from December aren't strong enough. I made an appointment with a different eye Dr to see what his opinion is. He is also a lasik surgeon. I have a 'lifetime guarantee' from TLC but the second surgery (enhancement) didn't work well since I would bet the eye is at least -1.0
First surgery was wavefront second PRK
If this new Dr says a second enhancement is ok and I would benefit from it, I am very tempted to not go back to where I had the first two surgeries done.

So my thoughts are..... get glasses that work
or get the right eye enchanced again.... is that possible? and would I go where I went or pay a lot of $$ and go to a new Dr
or... get the left eye done for distance at the original surgeon for a reduced price.

it's great to see better but I miss the crisp vision I could get with glasses. I was very dependent on glasses though and it's a bit plus to not have to wear them to function.

hoping someone can help.

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Re: can a person get a second enhancement?

Postby susssan » Sat Jul 13, 2013 10:13 pm

and ...... I had my eyes checked by a new ophthalmologist this week. cataracts. So I will be getting those taken care of over the next two weeks. Could have saved a bundle of money since the lens implants correct vision.
they came on really fast!
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