irregular stigmatism

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irregular stigmatism

Postby diplopia » Thu Feb 15, 2007 8:21 pm

I had lasik about 4 years ago with good results. My vision in my right eye wasn't as good as my left, but I was overall very happy with the lasik. About 1-2 months ago I started having double vision. It was binocular, and goes away when I tilt my head back or forward or close one eye. I went to the eye doc and he did an exam. It seemed like a pretty standard eye exam, and he didn't seem to concerned about my diplopia. He said I have an irregular astigmatism and gave me a prescription for glasses. I have to wait another week before my glasses come in, so out of curiousity I did some searching on the internet. Seems alot of causes for binocular diplopia are pretty scarry. Is an irregular astigmatism a very common cause of this? I'm anxious to get my glasses to see if it goes away, but in the mean time am I being a worry wort?

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Postby LasikExpert » Mon Feb 19, 2007 9:04 pm

Irregular astigmatism means that your cornea is not spherical like the top of a ball but is somewhat bumpy. Irregular astigmatism can cause double (ghost) images, but would do so with only one eye open and the ghost image would not disappear by tilting your head.

Your symptoms appear to be related to issues with alignment of the two eyes. You may want to discuss this with your doctor and perhaps seek referral to a an expert in the fields of strabismus and/or convergence.
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