- Nothing But Complications?

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- Nothing But Complications?

Postby LasikExpert » Thu Mar 22, 2007 11:11 pm

Statistical fact:

98% of all pedestrian vs. auto accidents occur when the pedestrian is within the crosswalk.

An analysis of this statistic:

Crosswalks are the most dangerous place for pedestrians to cross the street.

If you conclude that Lasik has nothing but problems because of the percentage of posts about complications in our “Just Had It” and “Had It A While Ago” sections, then you are making the same mistake as assuming crosswalks are the most dangerous place for a pedestrian. Patients posting in these forums are primarily seeking answers to problems. Patients who are delighted with their refractive surgery often don’t have much to say, and even less motivation to write about it. Also, once a problem is resolved the patient may not return to the forum to say that everything turned out okay.

The dynamics of a Lasik patient forum presents a skewed representation of Lasik complications.

Our organization has determined that about 3% of refractive surgery patients (all types of surgery, all types of refractive error) have an unresolved complication at six months after surgery. About 0.5% have a serious complication that requires extensive maintenance or invasive treatment to resolve/maintain.

As you read the threads describing Lasik complications, keep reading. More likely than not you will find that the problem was resolved.
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