Mild Monovision Question

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Mild Monovision Question

Postby kjsooner » Fri Oct 20, 2006 3:02 am

I'm 42 and currently wear contacts (-1.75 in each eye). I have no problems reading with my contacts on. I've gone to two different doctors in Houston. Doctor one suggested "mild monovision" where the dominant eye is fully corrected and the non-dominant eye is slightly undercorrected to make it easier to read. He gave me a contact with a -1.25 power to simulate it. He said I'd likely be 20/30 in the undercorrected eye after the treament. I had no problem with it (tried it for an hour). That doctor uses the Allegretto Wavefront Laser. Doctor #2 does not agree with the mild monovision approach saying that I will sacrifice depth perception. He uses the Visx Star S4 laser to perform a CustomVue wavefront guided treatment for full correction on both eyes.

Have you heard of depth perception problems with mild monovision? Is doctor #2 not recommending mild monovision because CustomVue treatments are not as conducive to achieving a slight undercorrection? I don't have problems reading now with my contacts. Should I expect to need reading glasses right away after Lasik if I'm fully corrected in each eye? Lot's of questions! Please help!

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Postby LasikExpert » Fri Oct 20, 2006 10:33 pm

This is one of those situations where everybody is right and everybody is wrong except you. Both doctors' opinions are valid, but the opinion that counts is yours.

If you have good near and distance vision with contacts, then that correction is a valid target for Lasik. If you have good near, distance, and depth perception with monovision contacts, then that is also a valid target and may proove an advantage in future years.

Although there is some argument that correction with contacts is not the same as correction with laser (regarding near vision), it is so close that your trial in contacts is a very good indication of how you will do with surgery correction. I recommend monovision trial for several weeks, not just several hours.

Please see our main website's article on Lasik monovision for details.
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