pain around eyes 3 weeks after lasik

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pain around eyes 3 weeks after lasik

Postby marshallpainter » Sun Jun 06, 2010 4:22 pm

I had lasik 3 weeks ago and haven't had many complications so far. The only ones I have noticed are a HUGE amount of floaters in my left eye only (extremely annoying), some focus issues (which I hope will go away soon), and the most worrisome: some severe shots of pain in both eyes. Could this be an infection? Does anyone else have this? The first time it happened I was driving and it hurt so bad I had to pull over from the pain and my eye watering so bad because of it. It hurts the most in my left eye. The only way I can describe it is the pain you feel when you stub your toe. It shoots up your leg and then starts throbbing. That is what my eye feels like. I feel like it shoots back into my head and all around my eye. Most of the time it's a sharp pain like that for a few seconds then it throbs and goes away, but I'm finally getting seriously concerned because it is becoming a constant thing. About an hour before I went to bed last night and for the three hours I've been awake today, I've felt a dull pain in the top of both of my eyes. It sort of feels like strain, but a little worse. My next check up isn't for another couple of weeks. Should I be worried? Should I make another appointment sooner? HELP!
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Re: pain around eyes 3 weeks after lasik

Postby davidmartinomalley » Wed Jun 09, 2010 7:43 pm

I had similar in both my eyes (although one eye was worse than the other) - it's like an intense throbbing pain that comes and goes. I was taking motrin for about a month - and I *rarely* take pain meds of any sort. It eased off when the dryness cleared up in my eyes. I was extremely dry, and was using eye drops every hour for a few weeks after surgery. I too thought it was infected, however, after a check up I was told that the pain from an infection would be much worse, and more constant.

Hope knowing that helps, of course, everyones pain and situation is different.
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