surgical procedure and combat sports

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surgical procedure and combat sports

Postby tjordanjr » Fri Sep 17, 2010 2:59 am

To Whom It May Concern:
I had LASIX performed apprrox one week prior by a very good, experienced, respected MD in our area. The surgery was very fast and painless which was great but I was a liltle nervous to start with b/c I did not have the immediate improvement after surgery llike I was expeciting. The majority of people I speak to say they could see 20/20 right away. As the day progressed my right eye improved greatly but the entire first day my vision was absolutely terrible in the left eye. My wife (who's an optometrist), told me I needed to relax and give it more time. She saw me back in her office the next am and the right eye was perfect but the left eye was maybe 20/70 with alot of edema. To her it appeared as though something, she was thinking a tear or some oil got under the flap and would needed time to desolve. She bumped my prednisone to every hr for a day then back to every 2 hrs. I saw here again 2 days later and she reported by eye was much better, still some swelling temperally. My vision in the right eye is perfect but my vision in my left eye is suggesting approx -1.00 cyl. Has anyone heard of this occuring after surgery and if so I'm assuming/hoping, it will resolve. My biggest question is. I spoke to the tech's and dr about my love for boxing, MMA and kickboxing and how i can't wait to get back into this after my surgery and I'm healed. The entire time it was planned for LASIX until I started to investigate and from what I could find out, PRK may be a better option for me if I want to resume activity in boxing etc. My wife told me the surgeon who performed the surgery knows what he is doing and knows what I participate in and feels LASIX is the way to go. Can anyone give me any hope or experiences with pt's they know who had LASIX and the resumed participation in combat sports (boxing, mma, wrestling etc). I appreciate everyone's time greatly.
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Re: surgical procedure and combat sports

Postby bjd2k1 » Sun Sep 19, 2010 1:04 am

Before I had my procedure done my doctor specifically asked me if I participated in contact sports... I only play soccer and basketball so those are all I have to go by. My doctor told me if I was a boxer I should have PRK done but since I wasn't taking direct blows to the eye it shouldn't be an issue to have lasik instead. He told me about a study that was done for the pilots in the military who were ejecting out of cockpits it was to find out if the lasik flap would blow off when pulling G's. Turns out the animals that they used in the study didn't lose their flaps so pilots are allowed to get lasik now as well.

As for me specifically, I had my LASIK done and my surgeon used a 110 micron flap which is supposed to heal more solidly than thicker flaps do (not too sure about that but he mentioned it to me). I can report that i took a shot (soccer ball) close range to my face 1 month post-op and my eye is fine... I would say they are pretty solid but you may want to avoid getting poked directly in the eye.
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