3 weeks post PRK - SUCCESS SO FAR but Starbursts at Night

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3 weeks post PRK - SUCCESS SO FAR but Starbursts at Night

Postby vicebilly » Thu Sep 09, 2010 6:20 pm

Hi everyone,

Here is a rundown of my experience with PRK:

Since I did a substantial amount of research on the Lasik procedure and the majority of that information came from this website (particular Glenn who personally helped me out), I wanted to contribute back a success story to help sway the majority of the negative stories. First I would like to thank Glenn for helping countless people make the best decision they can regarding their Lasik operation and their eyes.

That being said here's my story and I do have a couple of questions at the end if anyone can help out.

I was a -6.00 in both eyes with a slight astigmatism and large pupils.

I went to about 6 different consultations (in the Philadelphia area) with different doctors who use different techniques and different laser technology. I am in law enforcement and this procedure is for a position that requires perfect uncorrected vision. While I did not doubt I would be able to see great, I was worried about my large pupils and if any night vision problems would be an end result of the surgery. Because my job duties at night are extremely important this was an issue I brought up with every doctor I consulted with, the answer I received from each was "Your night vision will not be any worse than it was with your contacts." So after debating the pros and cons of many different surgeons I made my decision based on actual testimonies of people I personally knew who had the procedure done by that exact surgeon I was considering (all 6 of them had nothing but positive results and things to say about his practice and the surgeon himself). (I highly recommend finding actual people to get testimonials from, not just positive results written on their website, and do your research online about negative reviews and BBB search).

So 3 weeks ago I underwent the PRK surgery with the Visx CustomVue laser. My concern with this laser is that it would not cover my entire pupil when it is dilated, but all the top doctors on my list were using this laser. Regardless I underwent surgery. Immediately after surgery I could see! Well not very well....but still I could see! I had my surgery in the AM and basically slept all day...when I wasn't sleeping my eyes were closed anyway and I just listened to music or my favorite movies that I could just visualize along with.

Meds to be used - Vigamox and Omnipred 4x a day.

Day 1 POST -
Wow, I know some people do not experience pain...but let me tell you, my pain was intense! I wore sunglasses all day inside and basically just stayed in bed trying to sleep. Everything was blurry and the pain was significant. However, on my follow up visit, the Dr told me everything was healing as it should and I will be back in 5 days to get my bandage contacts removed. That night however, I awoke with significant pain that basically kept me awake the rest of the night. I did not take any type of pain meds other than Ibuprofen and just dealt with it until I was able to fall asleep again.

Day 2 POST -
Today, the pain was only in my right eye. My left eye actually felt fine. Both eyes were still very blurry. Again all day I tried to keep my eyes closed for 99% of the day to help the healing process. Another very boring day. That night, I awoke again with extremely sharp pain in my right eye, but I attributed that to the healing process and just dealt with it. Also to note whenever I used my drops my eyes would itch something fierce. I talked to a friend of mine who had PRK by the surgeon I had and he reassured me that on the 3rd day his pain was gone and his vision was coming back.

Day 3 POST -
Well just as my friend said, I had NO pain day 3 and I could see clearer than before! I still tried to keep my eyes closed as much as possible throughout the day to help the healing process. No issues that night.

Day 6 POST -
My bandage contact lens were removed today and I could read 20/25 on the vision chart! I was still light sensitive but everything was getting better. Next checkup scheduled a month out.

Meds now = Lotemax 3x day then taper down 2x then 1x with each week.

Day 8 POST -
Wow my vision was insane! I made a homemade eye chart and when it was sunny out I could read 20/20, even the 20/15 line! Night vision consisted of many star bursts and ghosting and slightly less detailed images, but I was reassured by friends to not be discouraged.

--Fast Forward---> Vision remained the same...no pain...could see great during day...nighttime still somewhat blurry. Even went out and played a round of golf (with the best sunglasses I had), and resumed exercising on the regular.

Day 21 POST -
Here I am today 9/9/10, with basically the same results. I am using Lotemax 1x a day now and just waiting for my 1 month checkup which is scheduled about 10 days from now. I have amazing vision during the daytime, I would describe it as HD vision...can read 20/15 which is extremely exciting. My night vision still consists of every light having huge starbursts and slight ghosting. My inside light and during the twilight hours of the day are still somewhat blurry too, however I can still read 20/20 on my chart inside at night, but not clear. I can still drive at night if I need to...but obviously if my night vision stays as it is, I will not be happy, and something will have to be done, because the starbursts are just annoying. However, I am not worried, because I am not even a month out from surgery, and everyone is telling me my night vision will get better past that point.

Also on a side note I have been taking 1000mg of Vitamin C 2 weeks prior to surgery and will take prob for the next forever. I also take a multi-Vitamin and Omega 3 fish oil, which I heard can help with dry eye issues. I have had no issues with dry eyes.

I hope this helps anyone that is skeptical about getting the surgery. I was extremely skeptical but if I wanted the better job, this is something I had to do, even though I was 100% happy in my contact lenses. I will keep updating everything as I progress, hopefully with some more great results!

So all in all I would rate the surgery up to this point a success. If you ask me in the daytime if I am happy that I did it, it is a 110% answer YES.
My only questions to the forum world are these?

-Is this typical for my night vision to take longer to set in than my daytime vision? And when can I hopefully expect the starbursts to go away?

-Also, I have a vacation planned in 2 weeks where I will be in the Caribbean for a week. This concerns me because of the sun and hazing issues? (However, I have bought the best pair of polarized Oakleys that you can get). My Dr is telling me as long as I wear my sunglasses ALL the time outside I should be fine.

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The long term is what to watch...

Postby Anyman » Sat Nov 06, 2010 2:56 am

I'm well over 1 year post lasik & still have nasty, disabling starbursts. Lets hope you have better luck......
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