My update, two weeks late.

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My update, two weeks late.

Postby JPD » Mon Jul 02, 2007 10:35 pm

I'm finally giving my update after seeing both my doctor and a corneal specialist. The last appointment was two weeks ago, so I'm a little late giving the update. I'm going to make a long story very short and keep this as brief as possible.

I have both bad news and good news, fortunately more of the good then bad. Let me first say that I was never unhappy with my surgeon, and in fact I've always had the opinion that he did a very good job on my surgery. What I was always unsatisfied with was the post op care provided by his staff of OD's.

First the bad news. At around the three month mark I scheduled an appointment myself specifically to address my night problems, plus I was going to ask for a recommendation for a second opinion. At this appointment the OD immediatley checked my vision on the eye chart, then he checked my flaps with the light micoroscope. Now without even once mentioning my night vision concerns he proceeds to try and send me on my way after this. Remember, this wasn't a regular check up, but an appointment sheduled by me for one specific reason which he never even addressed. I made this fact clear, and all he did was make some off hand comment about it taking time. I really had to push the issue after this, and finally without checking anything he just says, "Oh well it's just swelling, so use Econopred for one month". He didn't check anything, so how the hell does he know that? Anyway, at this point I was fed up and no longer pursued the issue. I also decided not to ask for a second opinion, because I was really fed up with the whole place. I figured I could find a good doctor on my own, which I did.

For the good news. At the four month mark(two weeks ago), I had my appointment with the corneal specialist. He ran most of the standard series of tests, and gathered all the information regarding what procedure I had and what equipment was used for the procedure. To keep a long story short, he was very impressed with quality of work my surgeon did with my procedure. His final analysis was basically that he wouldn't change a single thing about my surgery. One part of the evaluation which stood out to me is he seems to be a very big fan of the intralase flap. He was very happy to hear that I had the intralase flap, saying that was best possible thing I could have done. That means a lot to me coming from a specialist. He also said the ablation was perfect, the flaps were both laid down perfectly, and it was just an overall very well done procedure. Speaking from the point of view of him being the surgeon performing the procedure, he said the Visx Star S4 was an excellent choice for me. And had my pupil's been bigger, he would have prefered using the Allegretto. But since they weren't bigger, the Visx was a perfect for me.

Essentially he told me I had a perfect Lasik surgery. And he said he sees absolutely no reason the light halos won't fade by the six month point. He did perform a corneal topography, but since I had wavefront Lasik he didn't think it was necessary do another wavefront exam. He did say that if I still have problems at six months, to come back and he'll do a wavefront exam, because really the only other thing that could be causing these problems would be some irregularity in my corneas, but he's confident that's very unlikely.

One last thing. Probably the only drawback to not getting a referall, and just finding my own doctor is that he wouldn't do any sort of exam write up for my doctor, saying it would be unprofessional. He said I'm welcome to tell my doctor I saw him and even give his name, but he won't provide him with any documentation unless he is asked for it. Had I gone to a referal doctor, then I know there woud be a free flow of information. I think I'm just going to keep silent about seeing the specialist, unless my problems don't resolve.

I almost forgot the most important part. So what does the corneal specialist think IS causing my night vision problems? Dryness!! He even confirmed this with one of his colleges, so I got the opinion of two specialists. He said to just keep up with the restasis and artificial tears, and he sees no reason I shouldn't be fine. This makes sense, because I live in the desert where it is very hot and dry. For instance this past weekend was 116 degrees and only about 2-3% humidity. To be completely honest, I do see improvement at night. Halos are still the same size, but they just aren't what they used to be, they were once very bold and now they are fading. I am noticing some of the biggest improvement during the day, with a reduction in sun glare. Those used to really bad, but now I rarely see anything that's much different then pre-surgery. I mean, where I live the sun beats down and reflects off of everything anyway. I don't think it's any coincidence that the improvement I see is in conjunction with an improvement in the dryness of my eyes. :D

There you have it. My doctor IS an excellent refractive surgeon, as his reputation states, but his staff is really lacking.
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Postby LasikExpert » Mon Jul 02, 2007 10:55 pm

An excellent report, as usual!

When you get to the six month point and/or the halo problem is resolved, please write your surgeon a letter articulating the difficulties you encountered.

Even though you have confirmation that your surgeon did excellent Lasik for you, I doubt that you would recommend his office to a friend due to the problems you had with staff. That is a pity for the surgeon and for patients who would otherwise receive the care of a good surgeon. That would alos be a good time to provided your surgeon and your corneal specialist with a request to exchange information. It may not benefit you, but it will likely benefit other patients.
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