6 week checkup and astigmatism question

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6 week checkup and astigmatism question

Postby floatanddry » Mon Sep 17, 2007 1:12 pm


I had a 6 week checkup with my doctor on Friday, 9/14 because I got sick I missed my 4 week. I had wavefront LASIK on 7/29 (-5.25 / -4.75).

My vision has been improving steadly since the procedure. At this checkup I read 20/20 with both eyes, 20/15 with left, and 20/20-2 with the right. I can tell that my right eye is not as sharp as my left, and the doctor said I have a very slight asigmatism in that eye. The ocular surface seems well, but because I do have some feeling of dry eyes he put puntual plugs in. My doctor is great, and has answered all my questions as healing has occured.

The only visual aberrations I am having are halos and starbursts and sometimes slight blurriness in low light situations at the end of the day. I also have a new more profund hatred of flourcesent lights because I just don't see as well in them. Starbusts happen sometimes with the right sun and reflection in daylight, as well as with certain headlights in day light - much larger than I ever saw before. I can drive at night, but the glare and halos don't make it as comfortable as my glasses driving. Could this be a result of the astigmatism, or just part of the healing process? If I can get past this I will be very pleased with my results.

Glenn, great site and your help is appreciated.

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Postby LasikExpert » Mon Sep 17, 2007 4:01 pm

Thanks for the kind words about our website.

Your symptoms sound like they are related to the healing process. A bit of dry eye can cause these problems.
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Dry eye question

Postby floatanddry » Sun Sep 23, 2007 9:02 pm


Is a normal symptom of dry eye what feels like dull pain in the eye. This is my right eye, which has a slight astigmatism. My left eye does not seem to have this pain, only the right. I don't want to bother my doctor if this is normal, but I really haven't seen anything about this as a symptom of dry eye.

Just trying to be careful as the healing process continues...


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