starbursts only from top level

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starbursts only from top level

Postby Metaphor » Tue Dec 04, 2007 3:08 am

Hi folks, I just had standard blade lasik two months ago with some residual astigmatism and mild overcorrection. The starburst issues were pretty bad initially but has since subsided. However, when i stare out from my high-rise apartment (15 storey) the starbursts were huge, crazy. It becomes worse when i try looking at it with one closed eye.

What could have cause this problem? It is pretty normal with some mild bearable starbursts(not very noticeable unless i purposely search for it)and small haloes at street level when i'm like 10m away from the bright streetlamps and car light sources at night. In fact, I would say my night vision at street level is 90 % normal except for that little starbursts and halo, but that doesn't affect me.

I called up my lasik clinic but they simply told me it will get better.

My question is that does height (street level versus 15 storey)affects the severity of starbursts u see? Another interesting phenomenon i notice is that the starbursts gradually disappear after say 5 mins when i stand next to the window from my high-rise apartment and look out. So does that mean that the longer you are in a dark room,the less starbursts u will see? If my starbursts were caused by my huge pupil size, I should be seeing starbursts even at street levels, regardless of the differences in the height levels.

This is making me confused. Hope fellow lasik patients and lasik expert can help me. Thanks.
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Postby SteveR » Wed Dec 05, 2007 10:37 am

I'm guessing, but it could be pupil size related. Just sitting under a light (e.g. a car interior light) can reduce pupil size, so the light detection mechanism must be quite complex (for example including scattered light comming in at an acute angle to the eye). What I'm getting at is that at 15 stories up you may be in a darker environment (locally) than when at street level. You could experiment a bit with lights on or off, torch near the eye, etc.
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Postby Metaphor » Wed Dec 05, 2007 10:57 am


In fact, when i shut all the lights in my apartment and look out of the windows, the starbursts disappears after i stare at it for around 5 minutes. Initially, I see many but gradually they just disappear in the same completely dark room after 5 mins from a high altitude(15 storeys)

I bet the dark rook is much darker than the lights at the streets.

I tried looking out from 15 storey in a well-lited room and I see Horrible starbursts. It supposed to be reverse in which I should see horrible starbursts in a dark compared compared to a brightly lit room but mine is contrary to the common belief and observation.

Some Lasik patients told me it has something to do with distance but when im far from the streetlamps (20m), i dont see starbursts unless the light source is located streets away. My lasik friends told me they do see starbursts at street level (20m) away from the street lamps.. This is pretty confusing.
One explanation is that my pupil actually expands in the dark but after some time, it got used to the surrounding darkness and constricts which is why I see lesser and lesser starbursts if i spend a longer time walking down the streets or in a completely dark room. In fact, the longer im in a dark room or dark alley, the starbursts will be completely if not at least 90 % gone
Is there a medical term to it?
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Postby floatanddry » Wed Dec 05, 2007 1:37 pm

could it be light scatter through the flap? is that a possiblity? I thought I noticed some things like this during the initial healing process, but I was never that high looking down.
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