High Astigmatism

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High Astigmatism

Postby Swtgal » Fri Sep 01, 2006 3:00 pm

My astigmatism on my left eye is very high. It's about -3.75 diopeters. The doctor that I went to the Key Whitman eye center said it's pretty high and told me to be out of my contacts. I have been out of my contacts for a month and there was no change in my astigmatism according to them. So, they told me to be out of contacts for another month. I wear soft toric contacts on my left eye. My right eye and left eye are quite different from each other.

My question is does astigmatism decrease if we are out of our contacts? And, isn't one month enough for it decrease? Would being out of my contacts for another month really help me?

Also, would it be safe for me to get lasik done if I go to a surgeon who uses the Allegerto Laser as it has the ability to correct astigmatism upto 5.00 diopeters?

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Postby LasikExpert » Wed Sep 06, 2006 5:54 pm

The Allegretto laser is considered safe and effective and the Allegretto was just FDA approved for wavefront-guided ablation as well as the previously approved wavefront-optimized ablation The wavefront-guided version is only approved for up to 3.00 D astigmatism, but this may not be as much of an issue because multiple procedures may be required anyway.

Your level of astigmatism is able to be corrected with the Visx, Alcon, and Bausch & Lomb lasers too; however no laser will have an easy time with this correction.

It is probable that you will require at least two surgeries to resolve the full 3.75 D astigmatism. In my experience with patients, it is rare that very high astigmatism is fully corrected on the first attempt. A second enhancement surgery may be needed to "fine tune" the correction. You would need to discuss with your doctor the probability and the procedures for a two-step process to resolve your high astigmatism.

Contact lenses tend to reduce the amount of astigmatism and even soft contacts can cause changes to the cornea that take a long time to resolve. A month is normally long enough out of soft contacts, but your doctor has had the advantage of actually inspecting your corneas. There may be something that s/he sees that indicates more time is needed. Being in glasses may be a pain, but having surgery with the cornea not fully resolved to its natural state can be problematic.

You may find this news article about Contacts and Lasikinteresting. It seems there may be some additional advantages of having wore contact lenses.
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Postby faye » Wed May 20, 2009 9:09 pm

I also had very high astigmatism...Had. My glasses perscription was -6.50 and I had been turned down by every lasik Dr. in Jacksonville. They said it was too high and I was not a candidate. I had almost given up when a friend referred me to Dr. Gulani. After going in for a personal consultation with him he told me that I was a candidate and that I didn't have to be stuck with glasses forever! I now have better than 20/20 vision and am so greatful to Dr. Gulani and his staff. They have truely changed my life. I urge everyone I know who wears glasses to go see him! You don't have to go through life without your vision, even if other Dr's tell you that you do...he may be able to help. He can even do laser if you've already had surgeries and aren't happy. Here is his website, all of his information is there. You can also find him all over Google! http://www.gulani.com/LASIK_Stories ...and he did everything perfect the first time!
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