reading glasses

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reading glasses

Postby falldrive » Tue Feb 19, 2008 6:26 pm

Hello all,
I was wondering: I know that if you undergo lasik surgery after 40, you will likely need reading glasses immediately after surgery, but if I am 23 and about to undergo lasik, would I need reading glasses anyway (around the same time-40 yrs old) if I didn't proceed with lasik surgery. For example - if I have the surgery and eventually need reading glasses when I turn 41 would I have needed bi-focals if I turned 41 and hadn't had any lasik surgery?

I hope this makes some sense. Any comments would be helpful.
Thanks alot.
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Postby cursorial » Tue Feb 19, 2008 11:54 pm

Read up on Presbyopia.

From wikipedia's page:

Presbyopia and the 'payoff' for the nearsighted

Many people with myopia are able to read comfortably without eyeglasses or contact lenses even after age 40. However, their myopia does not disappear and the long-distance visual challenges will remain. Myopes with astigmatism will find near vision better though not perfect without glasses or contact lenses once presbyopia sets in, but the greater the amount of astigmatism the poorer their uncorrected near vision. Myopes considering refractive surgery are advised that surgically correcting their nearsightedness may actually be a disadvantage after the age of 40 when the eyes become presbyopic and lose their ability to accommodate or change focus because they will then need to use glasses for reading. A surgical technique offered is to create a "reading eye" and a "distance vision eye", a technique commmonly used in contact lens practice, known as monovision.

So I guess that means if you don't have refractive surgery, you have less chance of needing reading glasses after you turn 40 - but you will probably still need long-distance glasses.
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Postby Walt » Wed Feb 20, 2008 9:50 am

My prescription was -2.5 in each eye. Around 42 I needed bifocals for the 12-20 inch distance. My monitor was fine but the papers on my desk were slightly out of focus.

Without my glasses on I could see everything crystal clear inside of 12 inches. Great for books, medication, labels etc... 12-18 inches was limited to big print, but beyond that was a blur. So as long as I needed my distance lenses on (which I did if I wanted to see the computer, TV or family members) then I needed bifocals for that distance from 12 inches to the end of my arm.

Depending on what your prescription is your mileage might vary. If you have a higher script than mine then yes you will need bifocals and possibly trifocals.

If you get lasik then reading glasses for the distance from the end of your nose to the end of your arm will be in your future just like everyone else that has good vision all their life. 20 years is a long way off, by then they may find a way around those pesky reading glasses.
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