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If you are thinking about having Lasik, IntraLasik, PRK, LASEK, Epi-Lasik, RLE, or P-IOL eye surgery, this is the forum to research your concerns or ask your questions.

Postby Pappy » Tue Feb 26, 2008 8:05 am

Mack wrote:If you have dry eye problems now pre-lasik, your post lasik experience is almost guaranteed to be difficult and could easily be a living hell. Without proper and adequate tearing support, your post lasik refraction will not be accurate. The tear film makes up part of the correction. Having to put in drops every hour or even more often is a real pain. Some lasik patients never fully recover their normal tearing function after lasik cuts the corneal nerves that supply the signals for more tears. Just another reason both of you gals should check out light touch CK. Your scripts appear to be within correctable range for CK. No cutting or corneal surface disturbance with CK means no interference with tearing. You just need to find the right doc. But even if you choose lasik, getting a very experienced hyperopic specialist is crucially important. Too many lasik docs who do thousands of routine myopic corrections with perfect results all the time get a rude awakening when doing higher orders of h-lasik with astigmatism. Too many have under-corrected these scripts and do not allow for enough regression. The astig is always a big wild card making it much more difficult to predict the correct amount of ablation and regression.

I'll echo Mack's thoughts here, if you have dry eyes or dry eye symptoms now, please go search some dry eye sites on google (dry eye zone) and do some research there. Before I had surgery I had a few tests done TBUT (tear break up time) and schimmers tests (sic) just to make sure it wouldn't be an added possibility. From all the research I've done, the dry issue is one that if you are predisposed, lasik will almost guarantee it and may become more life altering then you think.

Not trying to scare you on it, but researching that would be good :)
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Postby Mack » Tue Feb 26, 2008 8:49 am

>>>>>Okay, now for a stupid question: Is my prescription in my last post, +325 really +3.25? And so forth? There is no decimal point on the prescription card.

Yep...its the same. Some docs get lazy and miss the decimal points all the time.
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Postby capolst » Tue Feb 26, 2008 2:16 pm

Mack & Pappy, Thanks for your input on dry eyes. I did tell the dr. I've had this for several years. I had plugs put in probably 5 years ago & my problem has been under control (with glasses). Just a few drops in the morning & a few before bed.

With contacts I am putting drops in constantly! If I don't, my vision gets blurry & my vision is greatly affected. I think I am going to research Nearvision CK a bit more.

Linda, did you ask your dr. about any other options besides Lasik? I am also interested about RLE, but also wonder if I want major surgery or the expense. I definitely love not having my glasses on for putting on makeup, working out, etc., but I don't think I want to compromise my everyday vision just to have these things.

On the flip side, my sister is still very pleased with her monovision Lasik. As I've said before her vision was horrible & she just wore drug store readers- never got prescription glasses (so she didn't know what good vision was!).
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