Question for Glenn about pupil size (related to earlier post

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Question for Glenn about pupil size (related to earlier post

Postby dreamer1107 » Sun Mar 16, 2008 7:09 am

Hi Glenn
It seems the more I read up on this issue of night vision problems, the more I believe I wasn't given the right information on my risks from the start. I just finished reading your reply on "starbursts and halo--share your experience"...

I was wondering if you know of any lasers currently being used that would treat larger than 6.5 mm? I just had an enhancement to "fix" my severe night vision problems (the worst being the starbursts) from the initial PRK surgery. What really worries me is that I'm now a little over 5 weeks out and the problems are still very severe, with no improvement week by week so far. What I can see very plainly is that my pupils seems to be almost 8 mm in low light conditions (just from a ruler measurement in a dim room).

What I am confused by is whether the well known chain that did my surgery made a major mistake from the start in my pupil measurement that has created the nightmare that I now experience. I thought the doctor that did my surgery was reputable, but I don't even know how to check up on their credentials/history at this point (for similar issues as mine).

Do you have any suggestions for finding out more on this issue? Is there a way to find a PRK specialist that might be able to fix my problems (and/or is my doctor really all that skilled in treating my problem)? Will there be technology in the future that can treat a larger area that I may someday be able to reduce the GASH?
Thanks for any input you might have!
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