PRK or not

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PRK or not

Postby YayaBub » Sat Mar 22, 2008 5:15 am

In Oct. I had PRK on my left eye for EBMD and astigmatism. The eye overcorrected so now I'm near sighted in that eye and far sighted in the left. It was hard to adjust to a new lense and I have been having migraines. I can see clearer with the left eye however. I have allowed my Dr to schedule PRK of the left eye for 3/28. Im hoping that this eye will also overcorrect so that they are at least both near sighted. I hope I am doing the right thing. What do you think? I had cataract surgery a little over 2 years ago and had nothing but trouble afterwards. My vision was actually worse. I tried to see other Doctors for their opinion and one said " I do not want to treat another Doctors patient after surgery, it muddies the waters'. Another said there was noting that could improve my vision. I stopped seeing him and found this Dr who is doing the PRK for me. Hard to know who to trust when some seem afraid to treat me.
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Postby LasikExpert » Sat Mar 22, 2008 6:13 am

If you had cataract surgery you would no longer have the ability to change focus to see objects near and far. It appears that the intraocular lens (IOL) power missed the target and you were hyperopic (farsighted, longsighted) before your PRK. The PRK overcorrected the hyperopia and you are now myopic (nearsighted, shortsighed) in that eye.

The imbalance of myopia in one eye and hyperopia in the other can cause or exacerbate all sorts of difficulties, including the headaches you describe. Read our article about Aniseikoniaand see if this is similar to what you experience.

Whether or not having PRK on the second eye is a good idea is a decision only you can make after a comprehensive evaluation from your doctor and discussion of the potential risks and benefits.

It seems quite reasonable to believe that more balance between the two eyes would improve the other symptoms you are experiencing. You may not want to overcorrect into myopia. Read about monovision and learn how a small difference in refractive error can be to your advantage (but not one hyperopic and the other myopic).

The process of PRK includes removal of the epithelium (soft pliable outermost layer of the cornea), which is a recognized treatment for Epithelial Basement Membrane Dystrophy (EBMD). Hopefully your regenerated epithelium is healther than what you had before.
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