Two weeks on.

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Two weeks on.

Postby mossief1965 » Mon Mar 24, 2008 8:40 pm

Hi everyone.

I know this is the USAeyes forum and I'm in Ireland but I'm sure it's the same for everyone post-op regardless of where we are. I had both my eyes done, Wavefront, intralase, lasik on March 11. Before the surgery both my eyes were at about -7.5. During the surgery the suction failed on my right eye and had to be restarted so I had some extra bruising / redness there. Two weeks on both eyes are much less red but there is still some in both, more so on the right. I was on hourly Pred Forte drops for the first 3 days, but have been off all drops, except occasional Blink, since last week.

Right now, while my vision is pretty good, it is nowhere near as good as I was pre-op with glasses. At my last check-up, at one week, I was told I had "perfect" sight 20/20 right, 20/16 left, even though the chart was pretty blurry, but I was told I had a "tiny" prescription in both eyes but this could clear up in a few months and I might escape enhancement. I am just curious if this is regular? Will my vision improve in weeks / months to come? I am having no trouble driving, except for some haloes at night. Vision outdoors is pretty good, indoors less so. Reading OK, but will need reading glasses.

I can see very little change in my vision since 3 or 4 days post-op. Looking at TV and using the PC are less tiring each day, but the sharpness in my vision seems totally absent and I don't think it's improving. I don't particularly want to go through another treatment, but I certainly don't want to go back to glasses. Any opinions would be very welcome.
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Postby LasikExpert » Tue Mar 25, 2008 5:02 pm

Lasik is more of a six month process than a 20-Minute Miracle. It is common for there to be imperfection and fluctuation in vision at two weeks postop. You really won't know your final outcome until about 3-6 months postop.

I understand your frustration with being declared 20/20 (6/6) even though the images are blurry. The Snellen "Big E" test is only one measurement of vision quality and has its limitations.
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Postby mossief1965 » Tue Mar 25, 2008 9:29 pm


Thanks for the reply. I guess I listened too much to the people who had immediate success. It is frustrating but hopefully it will get better and won't need more treatment. Thanks again
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