DLK/CLK one month postop, still blurry.

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DLK/CLK one month postop, still blurry.

Postby pabramow » Tue Apr 15, 2008 5:16 pm

I have a stage 3 DLK in the centre of my right eye (also called CLK(central)?), still not resolved one month after conventional LASIK. First day post-op was clear, I read all the rows of letters (which is likely similar to U.S. 20/20 vision, but I am in Poland). I had abt -10 dioptres in this eye, left eye was -9 and is now OK, but also had some DLK (stage 2, not discernible). The haziness in right eye appeared on day two, hourly application of steroids in eyedrops started on day four postop. Haziness seems mostly gone, but what I see is very blurry (can read about half of rows on vision acuity test board). Practically, I can't read text with my right eye, same with computer screen and on paper. I can see very pronounced ghosting, both vertical and horizontal (the latter worse, 3 to 5 ghosts are discernible along sharp horizontal lines). The picture of ghosting seems repeatable, it is not changing, at least not that I could see it. The angular distance between both vertical and horizontal ghosts is significant and in my opinion ghosting now causes most of general blurriness. My doctors have refrained from raising the flap and rinsing underneath, saying it becomes outmoded to do so, and arguing it may lead to wrinkles, which they want to avoid. They are optimistic about my prospects, but I can't see much improvement and I'm starting to have enough of steroid-only treatment.
Questions: should I insist on doctors lifting the flap and rinsing underneath? Is it still a widely practiced procedure? Are there really any inherent dangers in lifting/rinsing under the flap (especially formation of flap wrinkles (striae)? It seems to me that as ghosting is said to be caused by optical deformations, then these in turn might come from a lens of liquid / whatever collected under the flap - if so, rinsing seems to be the most effective and natural thing to do - can anyone comment on that??. My best personal thanks for any comments on above.
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