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DLK cont.

Postby pabramow » Sun Apr 20, 2008 11:24 pm

Thanks bstoner for your feedback, it's really amazing feeling to find someone with a similar problem when it's told to be so rare - perhaps even more when we are on different hemispheres... I still see blurry with right eye and this strange, subtle ghosting makes me think that flap wrinkles must be the reason - they may kind of even out by themselves, but this is not guaranteed, and I think they made a mistake by leaving it to heal without flap lifting... anyway it's still not to late to do it, I have a next appointment Wednesday and will try to talk them into it. Your post saying that you had some wrinkle observed made me browse the web for it, and voila - I found this article in Eyeworld which says that wrinkles are actually common in those 1-in-5000 heavy DLK cases. Thanks again :), that info can make a significant difference.
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Postby bstoner » Thu Apr 24, 2008 1:12 pm

Did they lift your flap?

I hope it turns out well for you, I was really down when I wasnt seeing any changes. It was amazing to notice a difference for the first time, I was laying in bed watching TV and noticed that I could read letters on the screen again and I could not fall asleep for hours after that.

I am still not 100% but time should tell.

There is very little info on the internet about this and you are right it is nice to chat with others with the same experiences.

Good luck!!
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Blurred vision

Postby JLilley » Fri Apr 25, 2008 1:08 am

Hi, I think I have DLK the doctor didn't say that what is was. I haven't seen anything that sounds like what he described. I am going in tomorrow to have my flap lifted and cleaned out. The doctor told me it looks like an oily substance in there. Did anyone ever hear of that? I will let you know what happens after tomorrow. So looking forward to seeing clear. It has been a month since the enhancement. I only had clear vision for a few hours about 10 days after surgery and it is getting worse.
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