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Postby lboogie » Thu Jun 12, 2008 2:06 am

Hi there,
I'm 6 months post-op wavefront intralase. Day vision is good, night vision is good BUT I have what I would call moderate starbursts.

I keep grilling my lasik OD about why, why, why. She says that b/c my eyes are so dry it's difficult to an accurate wavescan to look at aberrations. yes -- the starbursts get a bit smaller with a heavy drop. But they are still there.

She keeps telling me that even if my pupils are expanding larger than measured the 9mm blend zone would have been fine for my approx. -5.5 prescription.

What answers should I be looking for? She says topopraphy looks good, my cornea accepted the treatment well. I'm still really struggling with dryness -- and have been on restatis for a while, I have plugs, and do warm compress, omega 3/6, you name it.

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Postby boston » Tue Jun 17, 2008 4:38 am

Are you a man or a woman?
I am a 32 year old man.
I am struggling with dryness too. 11months post-op. How bout you?
I wish I hadnt done it, because dryness is not fun at all.

I keep wondering if there are MANY other men out there with this same -dry eye- condition after Lasik.
The people at the Lasik clinic try to tell me it is rare, and uncommon, and only few patients have only minor problems with dryness with Lasik.
What have you found out?
I keep comparing myself to others,
while also looking for hope!

Thanks man,
May goodness come your way!
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Postby lboogie » Tue Jun 17, 2008 4:59 am

I am a woman, 29 years old. You are correct that more women suffer from from post-lasik dry eyes. I had a doctor tell me that.

If you have not get been to dry eye zone . com -- check it out. Lots and lots of stories there.

I'm still really dry and regret everything about this stupid surgery every day. BUT -- I have heard a few stories now about people taking 2 plus years to feel normal again. So stay hopeful!
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Postby eyebright » Tue Sep 02, 2008 12:00 pm

hi i had my surgery just over a year ago and this forum really helped/scared me in equal mesure! some of the stories i read made me really worried about my own issues but there are also the positive ones so heres my little bit. i spent months struggling with dry eyes and starburst that where mild to start with then got worse. i used to look at the street lamp outside my house and could see them getting bigger day by day after surgery. i felt very depressed, cried at lot and berated myself for my vanity. why couldn't i be happy with glasses! the first time i properly drove at night a bus came towards me and its headlights where so bright and big i freaked out and had to go home and get the train.
now i can say that my starburst are mild again maybe your brain readjusts to it but i do have my life back and can drive at night, though feel more nervous/cautious on country roads. also my dry eye started to get better after about 6 months i carried on using drops for awhile and now dont need them at all. i had previously had plugs fitted but they kept popping out so i was at my wits end. we all have our own experiences and i have got to the point where the positives of my surgery outweigh the problems. i think thats what we have to hope for. it seems rare for anyone to have perfect surgery. keep positive and i wish everyone struggling with this all the very best of luck
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