5 months post Lasik...questions

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5 months post Lasik...questions

Postby johnny_F » Tue Oct 14, 2008 9:18 pm

I am just about 5 months post wavefront Lasik and have decided to ask about a few symptoms. I find then when I read descriptions of certain symptoms, it is hard to tell if that is what I am seeing.

I am seeing what I would describe as a haze around car headlights at all times, day & night. I find it most noticeable at dusk when the sun is just going down. I check my pupils and the are very small, therefore it doesn't seem to be a dilation problem. When the light hits my eye at the right angle its very noticeable. It is almost like a sharp fuzziness as confusing as that sounds. What is causing this if not a optical zone difference? I haven't read anything online that resembles this.

It is still present at night, but is no worse then the day. I do see a halo effect around street lights and traffic lights. Traffic lights are very noticeable as I can see the green/red glow surrounding the lights quite a bit. This does not change regardless of the size of my pupils and I and assume is a related symptom.

I do see starbursts from lights at night, but I find there is usually enough light around to keep that at a minimum. The starbursts are clearly a dilation problem as they disappear when I turn on the interior lights. (8.3mm measured pupils with 6.6mm zone). No questions about this one.

My left eye was left with an astigmatism of -0.25. I notice at night, my left eye has a slight ghosting effect when looking at certain things. Since right after my surgery, my left eye hasn't been as sharp as my right eye and this is more noticeable in low light conditions. I am assuming this is due to the slight astigmatism, but my lasik tech was surprised and told me such a slight astig was unlikely to cause this. Is it common for astigmatism this small to cause these problems?

Sometimes my eyes pain. Especially when I look in extreme directions, ie hard up or down. I usually describe it as sore or aching eyes, but haven't seen much online about it. Any idea what causes this pain? dryness? muscles? IOP? This has diminished since my surgery, but is still present often enough. Is this common?

Thank you.
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Re: 5 months post Lasik...questions

Postby LasikExpert » Wed Oct 15, 2008 11:05 pm

johnny_F wrote:#1

Some or part of these symptoms could be caused if you have any residual refrative error. Your current prescription would indicate what, if any, refractive error remains.

Haze during the day and night may indicate a rough surface. This may be related to dry eye, or the flap has not tightly adheared to the underlying corneal surface. Dry eye treatment and continued healing may resolve this problem.

johnny_F wrote:#2

I agree that a 0.25 diopter astigmatism really should not bother your vision much, if at all. It may be that due to the other issues your vision is compromised enough that even a tiny amount of astigmatism exacerbates the problem.

johnny_F wrote:#3

This seems to be a pre-existing condition that has not improved after surery. Pain with eye movement does indicate a problem with the muscles that move and adjust the eyes. This would not likely be changed by Lasik, but is not common either. You may want to ask for a referral to a strabismus, accommodation, and convergence specialist.
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