Young and astigmatism changing...candidate?

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Young and astigmatism changing...candidate?

Postby cchen13 » Sun Nov 23, 2008 8:45 pm

Hello! I am 21 year old female and will be around 22 if I get lasik. I'm having a mini pre-op appt on Wednesday the 26th to see if I MAY be a potential candidate. I am worried about astigmatism and, after a thorough search on this site, now possible keratoconus. My father got lasik several years ago and says his vision is quite good (except for night vision), uses reading glasses, and has encouraged me to get lasik. My prescription from one eye doc:

Dec 2000: Jan 2007 Jan 2008
R SPH -4.25 L -3.50 -4.25 -3.50 -4.25 -3.50
CYL -0.50 -0.50 -0.75 -1.00 -0.75 -1.25
AXIS 165 170 170 170 170 5

Saw a different eye doc in between the large gap here who gave me a diff but stronger prescription, when I asked recent last doc why the change back to a lower prescription, she said "You can still see fine, right?" (I did not like this response and now that I am under my own health insurance and can pick my own eye doc, I will be seeing someone else if I don't get lasik). Will post prescription from in between if I can get them.

So really according that one eye doc my astigmatism has been the only thing that has changed. My dad says that it will only continue to change throughout time and will fluctuate based on using the computer too much or reading too much, but according to this board, it may be keratoconus? Or is my changes too small? I really don't know and am cautious to trust the accuracy of my prescription. I am wondering if my OD prescribed me something lower for my eyes to reduce strain or encourage improvement...but difficult to tell because she was unfriendly with my questions.

Any thoughts about keratoconus and stability of prescription for lasik? I may have it but have never been diagnosed because my astigmatism changes are so small. I read on wiki that asians are 4.4x more likely to have it, and I am asian. I may proceed with the knowledge that I will probably need an enhancement around age 30...thoughts? Thanks :)
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Postby LasikExpert » Fri Dec 19, 2008 4:25 am

It is almost January 2009, so you can have at least another one-year evaluation. If your astigmatism has changed, then I highly recommend that you wait another year and see where your astigmatism in January 2010.

Lasik and even PRK can weaken a cornea that is susceptable to keratoconus enough that it goes into full keratoconus. This is not something that you would want to try enhance surgery later.

Ask if any of your biological family have had problems with keratoconus. You may also want to visit a keratoconus specialist for an evaluation that is more detailed and intensive than can normally be provided by an optometrist or even a general ophthalmologist.

You may want to visit The Keratoconus Society.
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