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How USAEyes
Got Its Start

Great ideas come from strange places.
"That's the silliest thing
I've ever heard."

You could give Groucho Marx credit for the spark that started the Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance. Or at least, Groucho's nose and glasses.

In the spring of 1997 Glenn Hagele, a healthcare reimbursement and marketing consultant, had thrown a birthday party for a friend. The theme of the party was Groucho Marx. Everyone had to attend dressed as Groucho.

Imagine 40 people sipping wine and munching appetizers while wearing those silly black horn rimmed glasses and big nose. Actually, imagine 39.

One of the guests was not wearing the requisite nose and glasses. Her own glasses were so large, heavy, and uncomfortable that Groucho's just wouldn't work.

Knowing that Glenn had worked in the eye care field for some time, she asked for his opinion about the possibility of surgery to rid her of glasses.

Just a month before, the FDA had approved the excimer laser for PRK. Surgeons in Canada, Mexico, and Europe had been performing the surgery for some time with encouraging results.

Glenn and his guest discussed the different procedures available. They discussed her level of myopia (nearsighted, shortsighted), the costs, the possible complications, and her motivation for this elective surgery. Glenn was able to answer all her questions about refractive surgery until she asked the most important one - which doctor should perform her surgery.

At this point in time, Glenn had been a consultant to the healthcare industry for over 15 years including a significant amount of work in ophthalmology. At least a half dozen refractive surgeons Glenn considered personal friends. When it came right down to it, Glenn didn't have any factual information about which doctor was proficient at refractive surgery. As it turns out, neither did anyone else.

At the behest of his nearsighted guest, Glenn began to research individual doctors. In short order he found that there was no independent organization that fully evaluated the surgical abilities and qualifications of refractive surgeons. The patient was on his own.

It appeared to Glenn that this was a need that required action. After additional research of refractive surgery, Glenn began recruiting leaders from all different elements of the refractive surgery industry to participate in the formation of a nonprofit consumer/patient organization to educate the public about refractive surgery and to certify the abilities of refractive surgeons. The Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance was born.

Glenn's friend did have PRK in late 1997 with the result being 20/20 uncorrected vision.

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