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Lasik Doctors


Kansas City Missouri
USAEyes Certified
Lasik Doctors

Kansas City

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Today's Kansas City Headlines...

Candidacies for Kansas Legislature may hinge on education, religious issues

The August primary election will revive debate over job protection for teachers and religious freedom as well as focus on how lawmakers should serve their constituents.

Missouri state trooper struck near St. Louis

A Missouri state trooper is hospitalized after being injured during a traffic stop near St. Louis.

Woman, 91, signs deal to move from house near KU campus

Georgia Bell has agreed to sell her Lawrence home to make way for a five-story apartment complex.

Missouri, Kansas dog breeders criticized by animal welfare group

The Humane Society of the United States said Missouri and Kansas have the most dog breeders on a list the group compiled to identify outfits it says is mistreating animals.

Nonfatal shootings in KC: Many bullets and little blame

In six out of 10 cases last year, victims declined to cooperate in catching their attackers, many times out of fear or distrust. Authorities then walked away, routinely shutting down the cases.

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