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Lasik Patient Testimonial and Celebrity Endorsement

The limited value an endorsement of an individual Lasik patient might bring.

Image of doctor in white lab coat high fiving a femail patient.  
The Lasik result of an individual patient, even a famous one, may not be an indication of proficiency.  

A potential Lasik patient should not take the recommendation of individual patients - even several - as an indication of a doctor's ability to provide the desired refractive surgery result. Much can be gained by considering testimonials and endorsements, however there are limitations to their value.

Friends' Result

A potential Lasik patient should not accept the results of a friend's refractive surgery as an indication of what they can expect. Would you wear your friend's contact lenses and expect to get a good result? Of course not. Each person's eyes are unique and yours may be totally different than a friend's eyes. The type of surgery, the required abilities of the doctor, and the expected results will all be different from one person to another. Choosing a surgery technique because your friend had success ignores the needs of your own eyes and the possible advantages of different techniques and technology.

Patient Testimonial

Talking to someone who has had conventional or custom wavefront Lasik, Bladeless Lasik, PRK, LASEK, Epi-Lasik, is a very good way to learn about the experience, but is a very poor way to know what to expect for yourself. Definitely ask if the doctor would be willing to give you names of several previous patients. This will give you an opportunity to talk to someone who has first-hand knowledge of the experience, but don't rely on these previous patients' results as an indication of the doctor's ability. The success of individual patients is a very poor way to select surgery or a doctor. Remember, even bad doctors get it right sometimes.

Celebrity Endorsement

Doctors love celebrity endorsements. The public loves celebrity endorsements. It is easy to want to emulate a celebrity you respect by using the same doctor as the celebrity, but it is highly unlikely that the celebrity has the ability to know with any certainty that a particular doctor is a good surgeon. Like a friend, a celebrity can relate a personal experience, but the experience of one patient, even a celebrity patient, does not necessarily relate to what results you can expect. Your eyes are unique.

Paid Endorsement

Paid endorsements arguably provide the lowest level of authority. The party is being paid to make a statement. Even if the statement is accurate to that person's experience, it cannot be separated from the influence of the payment. Not only should a potential patient not be influenced by a paid endorsement, but one should probably suspect that all endorsements are paid endorsements until proven otherwise.

Looking For Best Lasik Surgeon?

If you are ready to choose a doctor to be evaluated for conventional or custom wavefront Lasik, Bladeless Lasik, PRK, or any refractive surgery procedure, we recommend you consider a doctor who has been evaluated and certified by the USAEyes nonprofit organization. Locate a USAEyes Evaluated & Certified Lasik Doctor.

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