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Quality Standards Advisory Committee

USAEyes advisory committee for determining current patient results for Lasik, Bladeless Lasik, PRK, LASEK, Epi-Lasik, RLE, and P-IOL.

Quality Standards Advisory Committee (QSAC) was formed to assist the CRSQA Board of Trustees in the initial development of standards of surgical outcomes required to meet and maintain CRSQA certification. The committee stands to refine these standards as required by new technology and challenges.

Barrie Soloway, MD Chairperson
Daniel Durrie, MD Member
Glenn Hagele Member
Randy McDonald Member
Jack Melton, OD Member

QSAC Barrie Soloway 72.jpg (8986 bytes) Barrie Soloway, MD
New York, New York


Dr. Barrie Soloway is the Principal investigator for Lasik and SRP and Director of the Autonomous Laser Vision Center of Excellence at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary. He is one of the most experienced and successful vision correction doctors in the New York area. He has been performing refractive surgery since 1984 and first used the excimer laser in 1990. He has performed over five thousand Lasik procedures.

As director of the prestigious New York Eye and Ear Infirmary's Autonomous Laser Vision Center of Excellence, and director of microkeratome training in New York for Moria USA he has trained over one hundred doctors from throughout the world in all forms of Vision Correction and the Lasik procedure. Dr. Soloway received extensive training in excimer laser and Lasik Vision Correction in the United States during the clinical trials for myopia (nearsighted, shortsighted vision)and in Canada where the procedure was first approved. He is the Principal investigator for hyperopic Lasik and SRP (surgical reversal of presbyopia) FDA monitored clinical trials as well as studies to re-calibrate glaucoma imaging studies for patients after Lasik, and dry eye studies on Lasik patients at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary's Vision Correction Center. Dr. Soloway has published and lectured extensively on vision correction surgery with many groups such as The International Society of Refractive Surgeons, American College of Eye Surgeons, and the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. He frequently lectures on vision correction to patient and professional groups. His training far exceeds FDA requirements.

Dr. Soloway has also been selected by Visx, the leading excimer laser company as one of the top doctors in the United States in 1998 and 1999. In fact, when doctors, opthalmologists, optometrists, laser technicians and laser center staff have Lasik, they choose Dr. Soloway as their doctor!

Dr. Soloway's success rates are among the highest of all Lasik doctors. He is regularly listed as one of the "Best Doctors in New York" in Book and Magazine polls of doctors and patients.

Dr. Soloway received his bachelor's degree with honors from New York University and his Doctorate of Medicine from Pennsylvania State University Medical School. He served an internship in medicine at the Long Island College Hospital and completed his ophthalmology residency at The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary. He spent an additional year of training there in the surgical repair of ocular trauma.

He has been in private practice in New York helping people see better without glasses since 1986.

Dan Durrie 72.jpg (3135 bytes) Daniel Durrie, MD, FACS
Kansas City, Missouri


Dr. Daniel S. Durrie is the leader of the refractive surgery team for Hunkeler Eye Centers. With over 20 years experience in refractive and corneal surgery, he has been a pioneer in procedures to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Dr. Durrie has participated in initial phases of numerous clinical studies in refractive surgery and has performed more than 20,000 refractive surgery procedures. He was the first ophthalmic doctor in the United States to use the holmium laser procedure to correct farsightedness.

Dr. Durrie continues to be heavily involved in research. He has served as a medical monitor for several excimer laser studies and continues to review refractive surgical techniques and analyze clinical study data. Dr. Durrie has served as principal investigator since 1993 for KeraVision's Intacs implant study and has treated more patients with this device than any other doctor in the world. In addition to his research involvement, Dr. Durrie trains doctors from around the world on new surgical techniques. He is a member of the Refractive Surgery Interest Group Executive Board of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, is Secretary of the International Society of Refractive Surgery, has served on the Board of Directors of American Board of Eye Surgery, and is a member of the Medical Education Group Advisory Board.

Many of Dr. Durrie's scientific articles and papers have appeared in professional medical publications. He serves on the editorial board for Ocular Surgery News, The Journal of Corneal and Refractive Surgery, Review of Ophthalmology, and Refractive Eyecare for Ophthalmologists. Dr. Durrie has also given hundreds of presentations for professional organizations around the world.

In October of 1996, Dr. Durrie was honored by Ophthalmology Times as one of the top 10 refractive surgeons in the nation. He was also one of nine Kansas City physicians to be included on the list of Best Doctors of America.

Dr. Durrie received his medical doctorate and completed his residency at the University of Nebraska. He also completed a fellowship at the Filkins Eye Clinic in Omaha. Active in the medical community, Dr. Durrie is a board-certified ophthalmologist and member of the American Board of Ophthalmology. He serves as an associate clinical professor and director of refractive surgery services at the University of Kansas Medical Center

Randy McDonald 72.jpg (9102 bytes) Randy McDonald
Tiburon, California


Randy McDonald is a 23-year veteran of the ophthalmic industry with senior level corporate experience in sales, marketing, and operations including financing. His product knowledge base includes ophthalmic, contact and intraocular lenses, as well as capital equipment and refractive surgery.

McDonald is the founder and President of Magnum Marketing, an ophthalmic business development and consultative services company. Magnum Marketing specializes in working with 21st Century technologies developed for refractive surgery and with entrepreneurial ophthalmologists, optometrists and Ph.D.s who have developed innovative products or technology and are in need of a commercial platform for further product development, clinical research, financing and distribution.

Prior to Magnum Marketing, McDonald served as Executive Vice President of D.A.C. Vision (Dallas, TX) the largest U.S. manufacturer of consumable products and supplies for ophthalmic lens fabrication, and also the largest manufacturer of contact lens and intraocular lens manufacturing equipment.

Previous to D.A.C., McDonald was co-founder and the first Operations Officer of Innotech, Inc., now a Johnson & Johnson Company (Roanoke, VA) and the leading producer of In-Office-Lens-Fabrication equipment and supplies. In addition, be helped co-found and served as Vice President Sales and Marketing for Vision Sciences, Inc., (Monrovia, CA) which was the first commercial In-Office-Lens Fabrication Company. McDonald has also held a variety of sales and marketing positions with Bausch & Lomb, Dow Corning Ophthalmics and Hydrocurve Soft Lenses, Inc. (now a part of Wesley Jessen Vision Care). McDonald has published various articles and spoken at a variety of ophthalmic venues. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Kansas State University.

jack_melton 72.jpg (11154 bytes) Jack Melton, OD, FAAO
Edmond Oklahoma


Dr. Melton is the founder and CEO of the LExES (Laser Excimer Eye Surgery) Panel of Doctors and the senior partner of Omni Eye and Laser Center, Edmond, Oklahoma. He is the former director of Contact Lens Services at the Dean A. McGee Eye Institute and was the former CEO of Total Ophthalmic Professional Network (TOP Network).

Dr. Melton is licensed in both anterior and refractive laser surgery and was the first optometrist in the United States to purchase his own Excimer laser. Dr. Melton is past president of the Heart of America Contact Lens Society, the Oklahoma Optometric Association, Central Oklahoma Optometric Association. He is member of the American Academy of Optometry and former board member of Contact Lens and Anterior Segment Society and the Contact Lens Section of the American Optometric Association.

Dr. Melton is the co-author of the textbook Rx for Success and is the former editor of both Making Contact and the AOA Practice Enhancement Program. He is a co-founder of the AOA Contact Lens Section, the RGP Institute, and the Contact Lens and Anterior Segment Society.

Dr. Melton is the innovator the NEO-7 Hyperradii Design Oxygen Permeable Contact Lens.

Dr. Melton has lectured at over 100 meetings worldwide and was picked in 1989, 1990, and 1991 as 20/20 Magazine's "Best and Brightest." In 1996, he was chosen a the Heart of America Contact Lens Society's "Optometrist of the Year."

Glenn Hagele 72.jpg (9473 bytes) Glenn Hagele
Sacramento, California


Glenn Hagele is the founder and Executive Director of the Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance (details). As an independent consultant since 1982 with Creative Marketing Design (CMD), Mr. Hagele has participated in several different facets of the healthcare industry. Mr. Hagele was responsible for the start-up of a managed services organization (MSO) in Detroit and a specialist independent practitioner association (IPA) in Sacramento. The Sacramento IPA required the recruitment of over 700 medical and allied healthcare professionals for a statewide vision services provider panel. As Chief Operating Officer of the IPA Mr. Hagele negotiated capitated reimbursement agreements with several of the nation's largest health maintenance organizations (HMO).

From 1993 through 1995 Mr. Hagele was the Director of Provider Contracting for Healthdent of California, Inc. In this position Mr. Hagele was responsible for all allied health provider agreements within a dental HMO. Mr. Hagele recruited the appropriate providers at specific geographic locations and accommodated all regulatory agency concerns. Mr. Hagele completed development an integrated relational database software program to track Healthdent's provider panel needs during his tenure at Healthdent. Mr. Hagele was Project Manager of the team that created an analysis of provider reimbursement and developed a new pricing structure for Healthdent's seven beneficiary plans based upon utilization trends.

With CMD's own Senior VisionCare program, Mr. Hagele created a profitable preferred provider organization (PPO) active in 19 states from 1986 through 1995. Senior VisionCare allowed the waiver of Medicare deductible and copayment. This product required creative and detailed analysis of federal Medicare regulations. Senior VisionCare withstood the scrutiny of the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services without a single negative evaluation.

Mr. Hagele is active in several arts organizations in his community and is an adjunct instructor of computer sciences at MTI College of Business and Technology, an accredited vocational college. Mr. Hagele also teaches furniture design and construction, specializing in the Arts & Crafts period of design.

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