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Lasik - Now or Later?

Should you have Lasik, Bladeless Lasik, PRK, LASEK, Epi-Lasik or similar refractive surgery now, or wait for new technology or techniques?

Consider how life as we know it might change in the next 100 years. Then consider that in 100 years every surgical procedure that is today considered "state of the art" will probably have been abandoned, or even considered dangerous.

There will always be new technologies just around the corner and thereby reasons to postpone any elective surgery. Consider not just what the future may hold, but consider too what the present can provide.

Consider your motivation for the surgery. Talk to your doctor. If you cannot reasonably expect to achieve the desired result that will meet your motivation, don't do it. If you look at the decision from this perspective, what may be available next year has little to do with what you should do today.

It would be a pity if you deprived yourself of the reasonably expected benefits of any elective surgery because you are waiting for the next best thing. It would also be a pity to rush into a surgical procedure that will not meet your personal needs.

Our recommendation is to learn as much as you can about your own individual circumstances and take a reasoned approach to what is available today.

Looking For Best Lasik Surgeon?

If you are ready to choose a doctor to be evaluated for conventional or custom wavefront Lasik, Bladeless Lasik, PRK, or any refractive surgery procedure, we recommend you consider a doctor who has been evaluated and certified by the USAEyes nonprofit organization. Locate a USAEyes Evaluated & Certified Lasik Doctor.

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